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About the artist

Professional Experience


                                Senior Stills Photographer And RetoucheratPackshot

2015 – Now                          Amsterdam, NL

  • Contracting freelance services in a field of e-commerce product photography.
  • Main clients:
    • DeBijenkorf - Amsterdam, NL
    • Amstershoot Studio – Amsterdam NL
    • Peak & Klopenburg - Dusseldorf, DE
    • O’Neill – Warmond , NL
    • ADAMS Auction House - Amsterdam, NL
    • MEERO - Paris  FR
    • OCUS – paris FR
    • I Heart Studios - Amsterdam NL


2017 – 2018                       Photography LectureratSchool4Helden Workshop Den Haag NL

  • Lecturing in photography as a part of "School4Helden Workshop"   the parent’s initiative for fulfilling children’s after school time in Zeehelden quarter, Den Haag Netherlands

                                Associate professor at American University, Multimedia Department

2012 – 2014                         Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 

  • Lecturing in subjects of digital photography and digital photography post-production
  • Supervising academic programmes related to Photography and Multimedia design
  • Woking with Bachelor and Masters students


                                Photography LectureratMinistry of Culture and Sport, Federation of BH

2008 – 2011                          Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

  • Lecturing in photography as a part of "Art Forum Workshop" supported by the Ministry of Culture of Bosnia-Herzegovina


                                Still Photographer and Consultant

2000 – 2014                         Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 

  • Lead photographer for the Oscar awarded director Danis Tanović. See more on the following link:
  • Productions:
  • 2013: Movie "Tigers" - filmed in Punjub, India
  • 2012: Movie "An episode in a life of Iron picker", Silver Bear awarded at Berlinale
  • 2011: Short movie "Baggage"
  • 2009: Movie "Cirkus Columbia"
  • 2008: Movie "Triage" - filmed in Spain and Ireland
  • 2004: Movie "L'enfer" - filmed in France
  • 2000: Movie "No man's Land", Oscar awarded


                                Consultant and Author for photo monographs 

1999 – 2013                         Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 

  • Worked as a consultant and author for the following publishers: Vrijeme (Zenica), Šahinpašić (Sarajevo) and Parliamentary Assembly of BiH publishing department.
  • Monographs:
    • 'City of Zenica'
    • 'Svrzo’s House Museum in Sarajevo'
    • 'Parliamentary Assembly of BiH'
    • 'Kazniona' book about the State prison


                                Photographer and Archiving ConsultantatNational Gallery

1996 – 2003                         Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

  • Official photographer of the National Gallery working on projects of a reproduction of the Gallery's collection (paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures).
  • Setting up and creating a digital photo archive
  • Apart from the work for the National Gallery's collection, worked on digital archiving for the following institutions:
    • Museum of Contemporary Art "Ars Aevi"
    • Gallery "Collegium Artisticum"
    • Soros Centre for Contemporary Art


                              Photographer, Consultant

1992 – 2006                         Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 

  • Consulting at the State Commission for Gathering Facts on War Crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina


                              Assistant Photographer

1987 – 1992                         Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 

  • Assistant position at a photo studio called "Photo Design" in Sarajevo.





  • University of Sarajevo - Academy of Fine Arts – Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
    Enrolled in 2013, planning to defend the theses in 2021


  • University of Sarajevo - Academy of Fine Arts – Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 
    Obtained BA diploma in 2013



  • National School of Photography – Arles, France 
    Artist in Residence


Exhibitions, workshops, volunteering 

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2013 "Open View" photographs, RUB University Library, Bochum Germany
  • 2012 "What You will Change" photographs, Gallery Java, Sarajevo B&H
  • 2012 "Mahala Dugommier " photographs, Gallery Mak, Sarajevo B&H
  • 2012 “KaoSarajevo” photographs, Gallery Java, Sarajevo B&H
  • 2003 “Face(s) of return” photographs, Gallery Mak, Sarajevo B&H
  • 2002 “Jazz fest-last five years” photographs, Dom policije, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 2002 “Romeo and Juliet” photographs, Gallery Gabrijel, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 2002 “No Man’s Land” photographs, Gallery Lek, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2001 “No Man’s Land” photographs, Art gallery of B&H, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 2001 “In the same time” photographs, Gallery Foto, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 2000  “In the same time” photographs, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2000  "Pour memoire", photographs, Librairie Hemispheres ,Caen, France
  • 1998  “4 years 4 months” photographs, JOB space, Barcelona, Spain
  • 1997  "Pour memoire", photographs, Peniche galerie Le Nautilus,Nantes, France


Group Exhibitions


  • 2021   “Sarajevo kristalna sjecanja “ Buybook Sarajevo BiH
  • 2019  “3X” online exhibition
  • 2018  “Art Takes SoHo” Digital Exhibition Untitled Space New York USA
  • 2017  “Sarajevo Collezione Per L’Aquila” Museo Sperimentale d’Arte Contemporanea L’Aquila Italy
  • 2016  "Duša umjetnika – Duša Grada" Gallery Hanikah Sarajevo BiH
  • 2014  "Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landscape project" Collegium Artisticum Sarajevo BiH
  • 2013  "Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landscape project" Gallery Remont Beograd Serbia
  • 2013  "Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landscape project" National gallery Cetinje Montenegro
  • 2013  "Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landscape project"  Galerija Klovićevi dvori Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2012  "Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landscape project" Spazio espositivi Bertoss Pordenone Italy
  • 2012  "Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landscape project" National Museum Ljubljana Slovenia
  • 2012   „Ratna Java“ photo Exhibition, Galery Java, Sarajevo BiH
  • 2011  „SING-SING“ contemporary art Exhibition, National Library Sarajevo BiH
  • 2007   Permanent exhibition in National Galery of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 2007   “Photonic moments” photo Exhibition,Sarajevo, BiH
  • 2006   “Photonic moments” photo Exhibition, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2006   “Sarajevo self- portrait” photo Exhibition, UG BiH, Sarajevo, BiH
  • 2005   “Sarajevo self- portrait” photo Exhibition, New York, USA
  • 2002  “In search of Balkania“ Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz ,Austria
  • 2002  “Sarajevo self- portrait” photo Exhibition, Neue  Geselschaft fur bildene kunst, Berlin, DE
  • 2002  “Sarajevo” photo Exibition, Dom fotografie Jozefa Sudka, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2001   “Sarajevo self- portrait” photo Exhibition,  Museet for Fotokunst, Odense, Denmark
  • 2000   “Sarajevo self- portrait” photo Exhibition, Genocide Museum, Dayton USA
  • 2000   “Made in Bosnia” advertising Exhibition, Mc Can Ericson space, Milan, Italy
  • 2000   “La Ville et Valise” photo Exhibition, Universite Marc Bloch, Strasburg, France
  • 2000  “Sculpture and Installation in last 20 years” Art gallery of B&H, Sarajevo
  • 1999  "MAXUMIM III" Exhibition, Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1999 "Under construction" SCCA- Sarajevo Annual Exhibition, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1999 "Bienale of young artists of Mediteran and Europe" Roma, Italy
  • 1999  “Salon Mladih” Zagreb, Croatia
  • 1998 "MAXUMIM" Action, Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1998  "Sarajevo a ciel Ouvert" Espace Ecoureil, Toulouse, France
  • 1998  Pepinieres Europeennes pour jeunes artistes, Union fraternelle des metallurgistes, Paris, FR
  • 1997 "MAXUMIM" Exhibition, Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1997 "Meeting Point", SCCA- Sarajevo Annual Exhibition, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1997  Biennial of Young Artists, Rijeka, Croatia
  • 1997 "Innenseite" Exhibition, Kassel, Germany
  • 1997  "5th LUR", Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1996  Days of Bosnian culture in Ankara 96, Turkey
  • 1994 "MCMXCIV", Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, B&H


Video Festivals

  • 1998   Forth Sarajevo Film Festival , Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1997 "Video Medeja", presentation of the "Meeting Point" video selection, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  • 1997 "Rootless", presentation of the "Meeting Point" video selection, Hull, UK
  • 1997  Gallery "Kapelica", presentation of the "Meeting Point" video selection, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 1997 "Ostranenie '97", presentation of the "Meeting Point" video selection, Dessau, Germany
  • 1997 "Sarajevo '97",presentation of the "Meeting Point" video selection, Nantes, France
  • 1996  Video Festival - Venice 96, Venice, Italy
  • 1996  5e Biennale internationale du film sur l'art, Paris 96, Centre Georges  Pompidou, Paris, FR
  • 1995  Video festival SARAJEVO 95, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1995  First Sarajevo Film Festival 95, Sarajevo, B&H









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Prints, 100x150 cm (w/h)
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