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Refer a (artist) friend to Online Gallery! 

Share your personal referral link you will receive 30% of the monthly subscription payments! Please go to your "Invite friends" page and cope your link.

How it works:

Share your personal link.
Have your friends register to Online Gallery with your personal link.

You will receive 30% per month.
For every new artist joining OG you will receive 30% of the monthly subscription payments.

As long as your referrals are active.
You will receive the payments as long as your referrals are active users on Online Gallery.

Get a free Online Gallery account

You can share your link with friends and other artists without limits. If you have a standard package yourself and invite 4 other people, you will have a free account and start earning from Online Gallery. Your friends can of course do this themselves too!

Editor's choice


Interview Ellen Davidzon: Light, and the other side

10 November - 2020
by Alice Broeksma

Ellen Davidzon, Amsterdam-based and self-taught in art, with a degree in psychology, is known for her oil paintings with beach- and city scenes full of light. Seascapes, skies, sand, happy days on the beach, timeless and free. The city -Amsterdam...

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Interview Ricardo Reis - Polaroid Photo art without faces

28 September - 2021
by Alice Broeksma

Ricardo Reis (33) hoped for a career as a war photographer but in his home country, Portugal, this was not so straight forward. An internship at a daily newspaper opened other doors. His photos were soon published in major newspapers and magazines....

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Interview Melchor Moore: American realistic impressionist, Western Rococo

24 January - 2022
by Alice Broeksma

The subjects the American artist Melchor Moore paints are diverse: city and landscapes, coastal scenes, wildlife, voluptuous women, living-rooms, hints of home, coming home. American art critics describe Melchor Moore’s work with ‘a compelling...

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