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You want to organise an (online) art auction yourself

Great that you are considering organising an auction yourself! We are the perfect party to support you in this.

  • With our auction tool, you can easily set up an auction, our hybrid auction tool is convenient for both a physical and online event.
  • You can easily set up your own auction page and upload items. If desired, you are responsible for creating a catalog yourself.
  • To run an auction successfully, you are responsible for effective marketing yourself.
  • A 5% commission is charged on sales, with a minimum invoice amount of €500.
  • We do not impose a limit on the number of items you would like to offer at the auction.
  • Option to follow live bids on screen. If you want to organize a physical auction with objects in a room, you can place a QR code with each object that then links to the object at auction. People will then immediately place bids during the event. It is of course nice to be able to follow all the bids live. This is also possible via Online Gallery! All live bids can be shown on a large screen with an overview of the new and highest bids.
  • Private auction option, for example: Visitors then enter their own environment and cannot click through to Online Gallery. The Online Gallery menu is not visible.
  • You are responsible for arranging the resale right, if applicable.
  • Prices are exclusive of VAT.

If you would like to organise an auction, it is best to contact us. We are happy to help you! Below you can see an example of an auction that the Kunsthal Rotterdam organised in collaboration with Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen with the help of Online Gallery.

Example Kunsthal Rotterdam

With our auction tool it is possible to turn a physical event into an online auction. For example, like the Kunsthal, you can place a QR code next to the objects that sends visitors to a page with more information. It is also possible to place a QR code with each object that immediately sends the visitor to the object at auction. This is useful when, for instance, you're organizing a live event, allowing people to place bids on-site.

Convenient link to auction page

Kunsthal Rotterdam has created its own information page (see below) with a "Bid/Bied mee" button. When visitors click on this, they go to the Kunsthal's auction page on Online Gallery.

Auction page Kunsthal Rotterdam on Online Gallery

Below you can see what the auction page of the Kunsthal Rotterdam on Online Gallery looks like. You can briefly mention something about the auction and the artist. The piece about the artist can also be given a different title, for example "The charity". You can adjust the images and texts yourself and add the objects to the auction.

It is also possible to organise a "closed auction". The auction receives a unique URL, for example The Online Gallery menu is then not visible, so that visitors are not enticed to continue looking at Online Gallery. In addition, the auction can only be visited with the personal URL.


If you would like to organise an auction, it is best to contact us. We are happy to help you! 

Ps. the Kunsthal Rotterdam auction example above is in Dutch, but our auction pages are also available in English.