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Artist of the Month - Steve Behar

A Complete list of the Top 100 Contemporary Artist

Award winner: Frank Peters




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Featured: Martin Stranka

Martin Stranka, a renowned photographer, has had his work showcased in prestigious venues like the Getty Images Gallery, Saatchi Gallery and SNAP! Orlando. His unique style was displayed alongside iconic artists such as Andy Warhol, Annie Leibovitz, Banksy, Damien Hirst, Helmut Newton, and Erwin Olaf. Stranka's talent was also highlighted at SCOPE, a major global emerging art fair coinciding with Art Basel week in New York City, Miami, and Basel.

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Best seller: TP Hardisty

TP Hardisty, known for his bold, provocative, and stimulating work, embodies the principle of creatively transforming the everyday. This approach has quickly positioned him as one of the UK's most captivating emerging talents. He pioneers an expression that offers powerful, compelling new views on the obscure and unseen, through the abstract reimagining of daily objects and observations.

He originated the 'Conversation Series' concept, where toy ducks 'communicate' with each other through either humorous or subtly thought-provoking phrases.

His exhibitions include the London Art Fair, Art Miami, Art Palm Beach, Art Wynwood, Art Monaco, and Art Southampton in New York.

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United States

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Johan van der Veer

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