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Bronze and Beyond: The art of Jorn van Hoorn

Discover the fascinating world of Jorn van Hoorn, a leading pop-art sculptor whose polished bronze sculptures and dynamic paintings have conquered the art world. Born in 1982, Van Hoorn has spread his art from Dubai to San Francisco, and his works are beloved by international galleries and celebrities alike.

Jorn van Hoorn's "Mr. Moneypopper Giant" (2022) is a striking sculpture that epitomizes the artist's distinctive approach to pop art and his exploration of societal themes. This work, created in 2022, showcases Van Hoorn's talent for transforming everyday symbols into provocative, larger-than-life art pieces that invite viewers to reconsider their perceptions of value, wealth, and consumer culture.


The sculpture is a playful yet incisive commentary on the excessive consumerism and the obsession with wealth in contemporary society. By enlarging the figure of "Mr. Moneypopper" to giant proportions, Van Hoorn emphasizes the overwhelming influence of money and the lengths to which people will go to acquire it. The character, often depicted with elements reminiscent of luxury and opulence, becomes a symbol not only of desire but also of the pitfalls of greed.

"Mr. Moneypopper Giant" is a quintessential example of how Van Hoorn uses humor and exaggeration to provoke thought and dialogue. This work continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, reflecting the artist's ability to capture the complexities of modern life in a visually stunning and intellectually engaging manner.




Jorn van Hoorn (1982) started painting in 1999. In the next few years he evolved from a graduated Art student (Sint Lucas) into a Pop Art sculptor. The shiny bronze polished statues find their way to international galleries, exhibitions, various celebrities & royalties. Van Hoorn spreads art and magic in Dubai, New York, Amsterdam, Qatar, Genève and San Francisco.

Van Hoorn’s unique style transforms everyday objects into a different perception of reality. A translation that is at odds with our common understanding of these objects. What is reality? Is it a perception? Or just a learned reality? And have we started to see objects and their meaning as self-evident? Is a grenade love or just hate? Or is love a grenade?

He employs materials that work as a catalyst and fit with the speed of his thinking and working. A whirlwind, leaving behind a trail of paint, clay and graffiti. He prefers producing sculptures about love, beauty and the evanescence



Rich and famous

In a fascinating intersection of beauty and art, renowned beauty influencer Nikkie de Jager has added a remarkable piece to her collection. This acquisition highlights Nikkie's appreciation for innovative and expressive artworks.

Nikkie de Jager, better known as NikkieTutorials, has always shown an eye for creativity and expression, which she now demonstrates through her choice of art. Jorn van Hoorn's work, known for its bold and often provocative commentary on modern life, resonates with Nikki's own journey of self-expression and advocacy.

The artwork by Van Hoorn is a testament to the artist's unique style, blending pop art influences with deep societal insights. It's this blend that likely attracted Nikkie, whose own work often challenges norms and encourages a broader dialogue about beauty and identity.


Bronze and Beyond

Since his first solo exhibition at the age of 19 at Galerie Kuijpers, Jorn van Hoorn has made an impressive journey in the art world. His work, which extends from the Netherlands to well beyond its borders, includes notable exhibitions such as the one at the Van Der Togt Museum in Amstelveen in 2012. These exhibitions showcase the evolution of a young artist into an internationally recognized pop-art sculptor.

In 2018, Van Hoorn's innovative approach to art reached a peak when he won the Street Art Award in the category 'most inventive'. His ability to transcend conventional art forms was further highlighted by the development of a unique art coin, in collaboration with the son of Pablo Escobar. These awards and projects emphasize his ongoing quest for new forms of expression and his influence on the contemporary art scene.

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