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About the work

Through my visual experimentation, I try to do research about the image (portrait) of the contemporary person. Bearing in mind that today everyone lives at least two lives (one real and at least one virtual), I am convinced that a person looks different in each of these lives. In my visual research, I try to find a technique by which I would be able to capture some of these different appearances of one person in one picture. One person—one photo; each parallel life recorded at one time. This process is very time-consuming and difficult, but in the end, it gives very interesting and various results. Sometimes it reminds me of lab experiments.


PublisherDejan Vekic
FramedNot included

About the artist

Professional Experience


                                Senior Stills Photographer And RetoucheratPackshot

2015 – Now                          Amsterdam, NL

  • Contracting freelance services in a field of e-commerce product photography.
  • Main clients:
    • DeBijenkorf - Amsterdam, NL
    • Amstershoot Studio – Amsterdam NL
    • Peak & Klopenburg - Dusseldorf, DE
    • O’Neill – Warmond , NL
    • ADAMS Auction House - Amsterdam, NL
    • MEERO - Paris  FR
    • OCUS – paris FR
    • I Heart Studios - Amsterdam NL


2017 – 2018                       Photography LectureratSchool4Helden Workshop Den Haag NL

  • Lecturing in photography as a part of "School4Helden Workshop"   the parent’s initiative for fulfilling children’s after school time in Zeehelden quarter, Den Haag Netherlands

                                Associate professor at American University, Multimedia Department

2012 – 2014                         Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 

  • Lecturing in subjects of digital photography and digital photography post-production
  • Supervising academic programmes related to Photography and Multimedia design
  • Woking with Bachelor and Masters students


                                Photography LectureratMinistry of Culture and Sport, Federation of BH

2008 – 2011                          Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

  • Lecturing in photography as a part of "Art Forum Workshop" supported by the Ministry of Culture of Bosnia-Herzegovina


                                Still Photographer and Consultant

2000 – 2014                         Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 

  • Lead photographer for the Oscar awarded director Danis Tanović. See more on the following link:
  • Productions:
  • 2013: Movie "Tigers" - filmed in Punjub, India
  • 2012: Movie "An episode in a life of Iron picker", Silver Bear awarded at Berlinale
  • 2011: Short movie "Baggage"
  • 2009: Movie "Cirkus Columbia"
  • 2008: Movie "Triage" - filmed in Spain and Ireland
  • 2004: Movie "L'enfer" - filmed in France
  • 2000: Movie "No man's Land", Oscar awarded


                                Consultant and Author for photo monographs 

1999 – 2013                         Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 

  • Worked as a consultant and author for the following publishers: Vrijeme (Zenica), Šahinpašić (Sarajevo) and Parliamentary Assembly of BiH publishing department.
  • Monographs:
    • 'City of Zenica'
    • 'Svrzo’s House Museum in Sarajevo'
    • 'Parliamentary Assembly of BiH'
    • 'Kazniona' book about the State prison


                                Photographer and Archiving ConsultantatNational Gallery

1996 – 2003                         Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

  • Official photographer of the National Gallery working on projects of a reproduction of the Gallery's collection (paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures).
  • Setting up and creating a digital photo archive
  • Apart from the work for the National Gallery's collection, worked on digital archiving for the following institutions:
    • Museum of Contemporary Art "Ars Aevi"
    • Gallery "Collegium Artisticum"
    • Soros Centre for Contemporary Art


                              Photographer, Consultant

1992 – 2006                         Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 

  • Consulting at the State Commission for Gathering Facts on War Crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina


                              Assistant Photographer

1987 – 1992                         Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 

  • Assistant position at a photo studio called "Photo Design" in Sarajevo.





  • University of Sarajevo - Academy of Fine Arts – Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
    Enrolled in 2013, planning to defend the theses in 2021


  • University of Sarajevo - Academy of Fine Arts – Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 
    Obtained BA diploma in 2013



  • National School of Photography – Arles, France 
    Artist in Residence


Exhibitions, workshops, volunteering 

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2013 "Open View" photographs, RUB University Library, Bochum Germany
  • 2012 "What You will Change" photographs, Gallery Java, Sarajevo B&H
  • 2012 "Mahala Dugommier " photographs, Gallery Mak, Sarajevo B&H
  • 2012 “KaoSarajevo” photographs, Gallery Java, Sarajevo B&H
  • 2003 “Face(s) of return” photographs, Gallery Mak, Sarajevo B&H
  • 2002 “Jazz fest-last five years” photographs, Dom policije, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 2002 “Romeo and Juliet” photographs, Gallery Gabrijel, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 2002 “No Man’s Land” photographs, Gallery Lek, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2001 “No Man’s Land” photographs, Art gallery of B&H, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 2001 “In the same time” photographs, Gallery Foto, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 2000  “In the same time” photographs, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2000  "Pour memoire", photographs, Librairie Hemispheres ,Caen, France
  • 1998  “4 years 4 months” photographs, JOB space, Barcelona, Spain
  • 1997  "Pour memoire", photographs, Peniche galerie Le Nautilus,Nantes, France


Group Exhibitions


  • 2021   “Sarajevo kristalna sjecanja “ Buybook Sarajevo BiH
  • 2019  “3X” online exhibition
  • 2018  “Art Takes SoHo” Digital Exhibition Untitled Space New York USA
  • 2017  “Sarajevo Collezione Per L’Aquila” Museo Sperimentale d’Arte Contemporanea L’Aquila Italy
  • 2016  "Duša umjetnika – Duša Grada" Gallery Hanikah Sarajevo BiH
  • 2014  "Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landscape project" Collegium Artisticum Sarajevo BiH
  • 2013  "Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landscape project" Gallery Remont Beograd Serbia
  • 2013  "Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landscape project" National gallery Cetinje Montenegro
  • 2013  "Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landscape project"  Galerija Klovićevi dvori Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2012  "Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landscape project" Spazio espositivi Bertoss Pordenone Italy
  • 2012  "Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landscape project" National Museum Ljubljana Slovenia
  • 2012   „Ratna Java“ photo Exhibition, Galery Java, Sarajevo BiH
  • 2011  „SING-SING“ contemporary art Exhibition, National Library Sarajevo BiH
  • 2007   Permanent exhibition in National Galery of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 2007   “Photonic moments” photo Exhibition,Sarajevo, BiH
  • 2006   “Photonic moments” photo Exhibition, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2006   “Sarajevo self- portrait” photo Exhibition, UG BiH, Sarajevo, BiH
  • 2005   “Sarajevo self- portrait” photo Exhibition, New York, USA
  • 2002  “In search of Balkania“ Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz ,Austria
  • 2002  “Sarajevo self- portrait” photo Exhibition, Neue  Geselschaft fur bildene kunst, Berlin, DE
  • 2002  “Sarajevo” photo Exibition, Dom fotografie Jozefa Sudka, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2001   “Sarajevo self- portrait” photo Exhibition,  Museet for Fotokunst, Odense, Denmark
  • 2000   “Sarajevo self- portrait” photo Exhibition, Genocide Museum, Dayton USA
  • 2000   “Made in Bosnia” advertising Exhibition, Mc Can Ericson space, Milan, Italy
  • 2000   “La Ville et Valise” photo Exhibition, Universite Marc Bloch, Strasburg, France
  • 2000  “Sculpture and Installation in last 20 years” Art gallery of B&H, Sarajevo
  • 1999  "MAXUMIM III" Exhibition, Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1999 "Under construction" SCCA- Sarajevo Annual Exhibition, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1999 "Bienale of young artists of Mediteran and Europe" Roma, Italy
  • 1999  “Salon Mladih” Zagreb, Croatia
  • 1998 "MAXUMIM" Action, Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1998  "Sarajevo a ciel Ouvert" Espace Ecoureil, Toulouse, France
  • 1998  Pepinieres Europeennes pour jeunes artistes, Union fraternelle des metallurgistes, Paris, FR
  • 1997 "MAXUMIM" Exhibition, Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1997 "Meeting Point", SCCA- Sarajevo Annual Exhibition, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1997  Biennial of Young Artists, Rijeka, Croatia
  • 1997 "Innenseite" Exhibition, Kassel, Germany
  • 1997  "5th LUR", Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1996  Days of Bosnian culture in Ankara 96, Turkey
  • 1994 "MCMXCIV", Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, B&H


Video Festivals

  • 1998   Forth Sarajevo Film Festival , Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1997 "Video Medeja", presentation of the "Meeting Point" video selection, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  • 1997 "Rootless", presentation of the "Meeting Point" video selection, Hull, UK
  • 1997  Gallery "Kapelica", presentation of the "Meeting Point" video selection, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 1997 "Ostranenie '97", presentation of the "Meeting Point" video selection, Dessau, Germany
  • 1997 "Sarajevo '97",presentation of the "Meeting Point" video selection, Nantes, France
  • 1996  Video Festival - Venice 96, Venice, Italy
  • 1996  5e Biennale internationale du film sur l'art, Paris 96, Centre Georges  Pompidou, Paris, FR
  • 1995  Video festival SARAJEVO 95, Sarajevo, B&H
  • 1995  First Sarajevo Film Festival 95, Sarajevo, B&H









Other work of Dejan Vekic

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Prints, 100x150 cm (w/h)
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She use to be our friend
Prints, 150x100 cm (w/h)
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Somewhere in between
Prints, 100x150 cm (w/h)
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I saw you last night
Prints, 100x150 cm (w/h)
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