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Viewing art online is an improving experience

27 October - 2021
by Vincent Moleveld


Viewing art online is a different experience from seeing art in the real world. Ideally, art should appear exactly the same. But there are factors that limit the extent to which this is possible. In the real world, in a studio, gallery or museum, you are able to see artwork from various angles, in different light and with the real size. So, how can online art possibly compare? Especially when you as a client are considering buying.


Viewing art on the internet is an improving experience, online art galleries emphasise. This is how:


  • Technology is constantly improving. The display of art online is getting better all the time.This is supported by broadband, and improvement in web programming techniques.
  • 3D photography is not yet generally available, however, the images of online art are already so much richer. By zooming in, the viewer may examine the texture or pigmentation.
  • Art platforms such as Online Gallery offer a ‘view in room’ option. Click and see what the dimensions of a painting look like in lifelike surroundings.
  • A simple tip to artists showing their work online is: the size of the work can be better appreciated by placing an image next to a person of average height.

Advantages of viewing art online:


The art buying public is broadening, but people may still be intimidated by commercial Art Galleries. New, potential buyers may fear they do not know enough about art. This could hinder sales of art work.

With a wide range of art accessible online, it is easy for potential buyers to look further. In the comfort of their own home, viewers can explore at leisure what kind of art they like.

Online Galleries are an important addition to enjoying and ease of purchasing art.