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How to Use a Photography Cheat Sheet

27 November - 2020
by Vincent Moleveld


As a photographer, if you’re always aspiring for that perfect shot, you may already know that you require more than just luck to get the desired results.  

When it comes to photography, there’s nothing that can replace the knowledge of the fundamentals of photography and constant practice to get consistently good results. However, a photography cheat sheet focusing on the fundamentals of photography can help you master your photography skills quickly. 

In this article, we discuss some effective ways to use a photography cheat sheet that can help you take your photography to the next level.  

  • Learn about the Exposure Triangle  

The exposure triangle is one of the most basic principles of photography that every photographer should understand. The exposure triangle helps you understand the three components that influence the amount of light that enters a picture: aperture, speed, and ISO. According to the exposure triangle theory, all three components must be in harmony to have a properly exposed photograph. Click here to refer to this photography cheat sheet for a clear visual representation of the exposure triangle. 

There are four basic areas in your image that will determine your exposure and the intensity of light that enters. The first area is called the aperture. The aperture in a camera controls the amount of light that enters a picture. The higher the aperture, the more amount of light will enter the lens.  

The next area that will affect the light that enters is the shutter speed. Shutter speeds are measured in seconds of exposure. A slower shutter speed means less light will be let in. 

Finally, ISO settings tell your camera what the brightness is that will be allowed in the photo. Higher ISO settings allow the photographer to let in more light to make the picture darker, or to let in more shadows, allowing the pictures to have more depth. 

  • Understand the Manual Mode of Your Camera 

To take consistent, good-quality photographs, it’s important to completely understand the manual mode of your camera. Gaining a good understanding of your camera’s manual mode will help you experiment with several technical and creative possibilities that can take your photography to the next level. 

 The key to getting better results from your photos is learning how to control the settings on your camera. The more technical you get, the better. A cheat sheet that explains how to use the manual mode of your camera can help you capture motion, create depth in your photograph, or use certain photography tricks creatively to get professional style images. 

  • Master the Composition  

The composition is the way the different elements are arranged in an image to help create a harmonious and attractive photograph. When it comes to picture compositions, a lot depends on your creativity and what you want to convey through your pictures.  

In the rule of thirds, the frame is divided into nine equal triangles and the rule implies that the subject should be placed at the intersection of the rectangles. The most common way to use the rule of thirds is to place the subject in the middle. However, experts suggest that placing the subject off-center can help create a more attractive composition. The idea here is that an off-center photograph is generally more pleasing to the eyes and appears more natural than one that is put centrally in the frame of your picture. You can then take out the elements that you feel are not working. 

The rule of thirds does a fantastic job of creating a balance that helps in your photography. If you are trying to take a photograph that uses the idea of balance, you may also want to consider some basic colors. Using color helps you create a photograph that is more interesting to look at than just using white or black, as white and black tend to overpower the other colors used in a photograph. By using colors, you can make your images look more realistic and beautiful.  


Photography is a creative art and good photography is all about practicing the fundamental principles of photography to get good quality images consistently.  

One of the important aspects of photography is to know what kind of subject you are going to be photographing, which is interesting to the people around you, and what will suit your style best. 

There are many different techniques you can use in photography such as the light technique, the composition technique, and so on. To ensure that master your photography skills, look for some visually descriptive cheat sheets. These cheat sheets can help you learn the fundamentals of photography in a fun and easy manner. 

There are many things to consider in photography and there is no single way to take photographs. As you go through the techniques, you will learn about different aspects of the art and you will be able to figure out what techniques work better for certain subjects.  

Photography is a wonderful art and if you take the time to understand the different aspects of this beautiful art form, you will have something to show all your friends. You will also have the ability to create beautiful images of your own that will look professional.