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Juana Guillen

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Member since: 6 February 2021

About Juana Guillen

Born in Honduras where I went to school  after i was sent to work in Switzerland at the UN from there moved to the Netherlands invited to work at the European University Institute and to study dutch at the Vrije Universiteit then since i had in  1978 apartment in Uilestede Amstelveen but after in 1981 moved to prinsengracht Amsterdam via Knipscheer my poetry book poetry in motion Dutch translation from the Spanish language was edit after some shortstoreis appear at arbeiderspers as spelletjes translated by Ana Perquin from spanish and with different third world magazines participated in different Third World countries festivals with Caribbean literature at  poetry activities and I went abroad to read my poetry at university of Berlin, Neuchatel  and in Holland after I graduated from the University of Amsterdam went to work for caritas in central america at refugee camps when i return did expose at the Latin American center cedla  and at  oosterkerk with support of the buurthuis. When I did return from Central America work at Amnesty International as an administrator thereafter I work at the movies collecting in the streets and went to study dutch language at ROC, UVA, toptaal my level is as a translator from Spanish English into dutch and I have some knowledge of administration level MBO. 

I being a member of lira and as well a member of the Dutch federation for painters.

Different literary prices nominations and invitations as well via facebook i keep in touch with publishers galleries and people.

I live in Amsterdam  and i am member of the federation for artist cawa and I have an apartment on the third floor via huizen voor kunstenaars since 1996 before I used to live at rapenburgerstraat in a building for painters.

My work includes visual arts written art combine with my research on human rights as PhD of candidate doctor at such branch I combine articles color and my LLM or Meester in het Rechtgeleerheid my specialization on competition law influence my artistic vision of the different branches in art.