About the artist

In 1987 Tierolf graduated from the AKI Art & Design Enschede ArtEZ (formerly 'Academy of Art and Industry') in Enschede. He has been making realistic works of art since 1991, mainly paintings with oil on canvas. In his works, Tierolf takes the viewer into a world that is similar to ours, but still different. A world in which he mixes reality and fantasy, and imagines the improbable credibly. Tierolf has been living and working in Bergen, Noord-Holland since 1997. His native village Renesse and his current place of residence are similar in many respects; both close to the sea, close to the forest, but also close to the open landscape. The sea and the water are a source of inspiration and play a major role in his creations. Tierolf is a member of the Dutch Association of Marine Painters. In addition to paintings of small size, Tierolf also makes monumental works. Motors, cars and industrial heritage are the backdrop for scenes that appeal to the imagination and stimulate the imagination of the viewer. He composes his paintings with a lot of patience and love for details. The power of expression in his work lies in his choice of the performance that he puts on the canvas. Apparently, realistic, realistic images that only reveal the existence of a deeper meaning through the alienated elements. With his work, Tierolf provides commentary on all aspects of life. Erik has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Denmark, France, Israel and the U.S.
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