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The best art academies in the Netherlands

22 April - 2019
by Vincent Moleveld


In this list we present the best art academies in the Netherlands. Which art academy suits you best? To make things easier for you, we have listed interesting academies in The Netherlands. Here you will find the necessary basic information and the corresponding future perspective for each academy. You can of course start showing your art by creating a profile on Online Gallery. Read more information about How we work.

Art: The Rijksakademie of visual arts in Amsterdam

The Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam focuses on developing talent in the fine arts. We select and facilitate top talent and offer selected artists a platform for further development of their work. Presentation of the work and connections to an international network form a part of the two-year residency program. For many alumni the residency has led to their international breakthrough. For more information visit the website:

Art: Academy of Fine Arts AKV|St.Joost

A study abroad within an exchange program is a fantastic opportunity to experience life as a student in another country when gaining credits for your degree at your home university. The Academy of Fine Art and Design St.Joost offers four English-taught one-term courses (minors) as part of the Undergraduate program (BA) in fine art and design. The Exchange programs are intended for third-year (exchange) students in Fine Art, Graphic Design, Spatial Design, Photography, Film, Illustration, Animation, Journalism, Mediastudies, Cultural Sciences, Political Studies or any other relevant study from a Dutch Institution or one of our partner institutions abroad. For more information visit the website:

Autonomous Visual Arts: Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

At the Willem de Kooning Academy you develop your talent through artistic research, concept development, technical skills, communication, presentation and entrepreneurship. You will also receive theoretical training. You work towards a personal artistic plan that you develop in terms of content and organization with your teachers. Ultimately, you choose a profile in which you focus on a possible practice: autonomous, social or commercially oriented. For more information visit the website:

Art: Gerrit Rietveld Academie

All full-time students follow a general first year called Basicyear and choose a specialisation for in-depth study during the following three years: Architectural DesigndesignLABFashionGraphic DesignJewellery - linking bodiesTXT (Textile)CeramicsFine ArtsThe Large GlassBeeld en TaalPhotography or VAV - moving image.

The Rietveld Academie also offers a part-time Bachelor's programme called DOGtime with two specialisations: Unstable Media and Expanded Painting. Besides this, we offer two preparatory courses: the Preparatory Course and the Orientation CourseMaster’s degree programmes are offered at the Sandberg Instituut. For more information visit the website:

Design: Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

Within the 'Design' course you can choose from: Advertising, Graphic design, Illustration, Fashion, Lifestyle & Design, Spatial design, Product Design, Animation and Audiovisual design. Design focuses on educating designers who take a critical view of contemporary visual culture and at the same time make their own contribution to it. Design is also characterized by an artistic profile in which conceptual thinking and working, market orientation, innovation and the use of media and technology are core concepts and in which cross-media and interdisciplinary cooperation is stimulated. For more information visit the website: 

Design: Design Academy Eindhoven 

Design Academy Eindhoven has a specific selection procedure for exchange students. We have three reasons for this selection procedure: Design Academy Eindhoven is structured differently compared to most design academies and universities. Design Academy Eindhoven's main focus is on conceptual design. Design Academy Eindhoven usually receives more applications than available places.

The academy has a long tradition of accepting exchange students and it boasts many bilateral agreements with design academies and universities from all over the world (within the EU for Erasmus+). Experience has taught us the importance of finding the best match between student and Minor programme or STUDIO programme in one of our Design Departments. To do so, our selection is based on the candidate’s portfolio and motivation letter. The portfolio and motivation letter has to be uploaded for review, together with the other application items. For more information visit the website:

Art and Design: ArtEZ in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle 

ArtEZ stands for an internationally recognised standard of quality in art education. Graduates know their position and the power they hold. They have developed their artistry and craftsmanship and know how to imbue their art with societal meaning through working with others. They are prepared for professional practice at the highest level and in an international context. For more information visit the website:

Music: Royal Conservatory, The Hague

Education "Music" is aimed at the total range of music directions (from composer to performing musician and from teaching musician to orchestra conductor) for positions with orchestras, choirs, ensembles, groups, music education, independent composer or musician. But the emphasis is on future professional practice as a music teacher or performing musician. During the study, subjects such as general music theory, harmony theory, solfège, music and cultural history, ear training and technical training are discussed. For more information visit the website:

Film and television: Amsterdam School of the Arts, Amsterdam

Within the sector "Film and Television" you can choose from the courses Cinematography, Production, Direction Fiction, Immersive Media / Visual Effects, Production Design, Scenario, Editing, Direction Documentary and Sound Design. Since the courses vary, it depends on each course where you end up. In Production, some can immediately start their own production company after completing their studies, while others gain experience as project managers at (film) festivals. While at Interactive Media you can think of a senior animator for television and film, a game designer or a VFX supervisor for feature films. For more information visit the website: 

Dance: Royal Conservatory, The Hague

During this study you will mainly focus on the mental, creative and physical development of your dance talent. The emphasis is on different dance styles, such as classical dance, jazz dance, modern dance and international dance. Important program components are choreography, dance expression and dance and cultural history. As a graduate you often end up as a dancer with a dance company. For more information visit the website:

Theater: Theater Academy Hogeschool Zuyd, Maastricht

This study focuses on the mental, creative and physical development of theater talent for positions in theater companies, theaters and theaters. The emphasis is on knowledge, insight and experience and critical supervision of your own artistic development. Important program components are game forms, body training, voice training, art history, cultural history and theater history. Graduates often end up as actors or directors. For more information visit the

Theater teacher: Theater Academy Hogeschool Zuyd, Maastricht

During the "Teacher of Theater" training you will be prepared to be a drama teacher in the classroom after your training. You will be taught, among other things, to explain the course material, to do exercises and to correct and stimulate students. In addition, attention is paid to the educational and professional aspects of the teaching profession. Important program components during the study are internships, game training and coaching, directing, acting techniques, theater principles, design, movement, video drama, drama agogy. As a graduate you often end up in education, the free sector, socio-cultural work, training work or at school counseling services. For more information visit the website:

Teacher Visual Arts and Design: Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

This course is very wide because you are trained for both Visual Arts Teacher and supervisor of extracurricular activities. As a teacher you teach subjects such as drawing, painting, crafts, textiles, CKV, visual design and general art subjects. As a supervisor of extracurricular activities, you develop projects or educational materials for museums and implement them on the spot. During your studies you will also develop visual and artistic qualities, working on your own visual language. For more information visit the website:

Dance teacher: Codarts School of the Arts, Rotterdam

During this training you will be prepared for the profession of dance teacher. You will be taught how to explain teaching material, how to perform exercises and how to correct and stimulate students. In addition, attention will be paid to the educational and professional aspects of the teaching profession. Graduates often end up at ballet schools, centers for artistic education or schools for primary and secondary education. Program components that will be discussed during the study are methodology and internships, dance skills, classical and modern dance, jazz dance, dance expression, flamenco and folklore dance. For more information visit the website: 

Music teacher: Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen

At the Prince Claus Conservatoire you will be prepared for a career as a performing musician, music teacher and music entrepreneur. You learn to master the craft of the trade as well as its theoretical backgrounds. During your studies, you can immediately test on stage or in front of the class how those you work with respond to you. International projects and productions are also organized and many foreign (guest) teachers teach at the program. With the Music in Education program you work on the one hand on a general musical basis. On the other hand, in addition to the music part of the course, you will also be taught didactics, methodology, general psychology and pedagogy. For more information visit the website:

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