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Why sell on Online Gallery?

As the world's fastest growing Art Platform...

Artists represented from all over the world!

High ratio views/artist and non-exclusive policy.

Secure online payments, artist and buyer protection.

No commission over sold work! Receive 100% on every sold artwork!


Create your account and start selling today

4 simple steps and you are online!

Step 1:

Choose one of the subscriptions

Step 2:

Register and create your account

Step 3:

Complete your profile

Step 4:

Upload your artwork


Start your personal website for €4,99 extra per month

OnlineGallery offers a great option to you as an artist: you can create your own personal website via your existing Online Gallery-account.

It is very simple and fast. Claim a domain/url, upload a logo, choose one of three themes, lettertype/colour, and within 60 seconds you will have created your personal website online. This is excl. domain registration.

Transparent. For the Artist, Gallery and Art Buyer

Choose on of the subscriptions. Pay annually and receive an extra discount. It is possible to end your subscription at any time, or to upgrade or downgrade your plan type of subscription.

We charge no commission over sold work! Our goal is to directly connect the buyers with you, the seller. We believe the seller should receive 100% of the artwork sold.

Online Gallery is cheaper, faster and easier than hosting your own website. Just try it.

Share your art with our international visitors

Increase awareness of your work around the world. Our dashboard is designed for easy handling.

Create your own online art page in minutes. 

Accept and negotiate offers from art buyers.

Join our Auction of give discount to Art buyers.

Get Handpicked by our Art Director to be highlighted or promoted on our social media.

You are 100% in control over your work!

Earn back your own subscription costs with our Referral Program

Refer a (artist) friend to Online Gallery!

For every artist joining our platform with your personal referral link you will receive 30% of the monthly subscription payments.

You will receive the payments as long as your referrals are active users on Online Gallery.

Sell your Art on a Global Art Platform



Schedule a meeting

Sell your art online!

- Cheaper, faster and better than your own website!

- Create your own artist page

- Cancel per month

- Direct contact with Artbuyers

- NO commission over sold work!

Editor's choice


Women of Allah versus Women of Heart – Iran versus USA reality

11 January - 2020
by Lida Sherafatmand

If Georgia O’Keeffe the American female painter represented a heart of the USA, I am an Iranian female painter representing a heart of Iran. Georgia O’Keeffe carries the soul of a nation while bringing attention to the beauty and sensuality of...

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Multidisciplinary art by Stéphane Vereecken

15 April - 2020
by Femke van Leeuwen

Stéphane Vereecken creates multidisciplinary art, in which photography, painting, drawing, sculpting, and collaging techniques come together. His inspiration derives from the mysterious and the unknown, with his artworks being able to uncover a...

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Choosing a courier to ship an art work

18 November - 2021
by Vincent Moleveld

When you sell an art work through Online Gallery, you (the artist/seller) are required to ship the work and pay for the initial outbound shipping costs. The client will be charged the amount mentioned in your shipping profile. This amount will be...

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