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The 10 best museums in Rotterdam

10 July - 2019
by Vincent Moleveld


We already wrote about the 10 best museums in The Hague, now it's time for the 10 best museums in Rotterdam! Again no ranking, but just a list of ten great museums in Rotterdam. Well ... nine from Rotterdam and a bonus museum. One that in our eyes should not be missing from the list, but is technically not in Rotterdam. I am talking about the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. If you used to ask: Rotterdam where do you put it? You always received as an answer, at Schiedam! How times can change. This is different nowadays. Rotterdam is hot and happening, but if you are curious about the Rotterdam of the past, I recommend you to visit the historic center of Schiedam. Then don't forget to visit the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam! Furthermore, there are of course also some interesting and especially nice museums for the little ones among us in this list.

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

The Stedelijk Museum Schiedam profiles itself as a museum for modern and contemporary Dutch visual art. The large collection of artworks from the Cobra movement is an example of this. For example, a fantastic exhibition on kinetic art can now be seen until 17 June 2017.

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is a museum for visual arts, located at the Museumpark in Rotterdam. The museum shows creations in the field of visual art, applied art and design. The collection of drawings is one of the most important in the world.

Boijmans Van Beuningen offers an overview of Dutch and European art, from the early Middle Ages to the 21st century. The paintings include 'The Little Tower of Babel' from 1563 by Bruegel, 'The Three Maria's' by Jan van Eyck, and 'Titus' by Rembrandt, but also 'Lippenbank' by Salvador DalĂ­. The institution belongs to the top of the Dutch art museums.