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Statement Pieces: Choosing Artwork To Define Your Living Room

5 February - 2024
by Vincent Moleveld


Imagine stepping into a living room where every element tells a story, with a captivating piece of artwork at the heart that draws your eye and stirs your soul. This isn't just any room; it's a space that reflects your personality, travels, dreams, and passions. The artwork you choose sets the tone, inviting conversation and creating an environment that resonates with your essence, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who enters. 

Finding the perfect statement piece for your living room can be both exhilarating and daunting, given the endless options and styles available. How do you find that one piece that not only complements your decor but also embodies your unique spirit? This guide will help you navigate the artwork world, from understanding different mediums to selecting pieces that harmonize with your living space and making a bold statement that is distinctly yours. 

  • Framed Prints 

Framed prints offer versatility and ease of integration into any living room aesthetic, from minimalist charm to bohemian vibes. The key lies in matching the print's subject and the frame's style with your living room's existing decor and color scheme. 

Consider the narrative you wish to convey with your framed prints. Whether a tranquil landscape provides an escape or an abstract piece sparks imagination, the chosen imagery can transform the room's ambience. The frame is an integral part of the artwork, with sleek, simple frames emphasizing modern prints and ornate, vintage frames complementing classic paintings. 

For high-quality pieces, exploring options like framed prints by Posterjack can offer a wealth of choices that resonate with your taste, allowing customization to suit your decor. This tailored approach ensures the artwork stands out and blends seamlessly with your space. 

  • Textured Canvases 

Textured canvases add depth and dimension, inviting you to admire the visual beauty and feel the story behind each brushstroke. The texture brings a layer of intimacy, making the artwork feel alive. When selecting a textured canvas, consider the piece's scale in relation to your room. 

Large, bold pieces can anchor the space, while smaller canvases can be grouped to create a narrative. The interplay of light on the textured surface adds a dynamic quality, ensuring the artwork is continuously captivating. Choose textured canvases whose colors and themes complement your living room's palette and mood, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. 

  • Sculptural Elements 

Sculptural elements introduce an unexpected dimension, with freestanding or wall-mounted sculptures adding a three-dimensional aspect that interacts with the room's architecture and light, creating shifting shadows and highlights. When choosing sculptures, consider the material and form of your room's existing textures and shapes.  

The placement is key, allowing the sculpture's form and details to be appreciated from multiple angles. Even smaller sculptural pieces can make an impact, especially when thoughtfully grouped or positioned as a focal point, creating a dialogue between the art, the room, and its inhabitants. 

  • Vintage Finds 

Vintage artwork adds depth and history, carrying stories from the past with a unique charm and character. Each piece contributes a sense of continuity and connection to bygone eras, from old-world landscape paintings to mid-century modern prints. 

When selecting vintage pieces, focus on their condition and quality, choosing items that have aged gracefully. Updating the frame can rejuvenate an old piece, making it relevant to your modern living space. A thoughtful mix of vintage and contemporary decor can create a rich, layered look reflecting a broad range of influences, balancing the old and the new. 

  • Eco-Friendly Art 

Incorporating eco-friendly art makes a statement about your style and values, with pieces created from sustainable materials adding a conscientious element to your space. These pieces serve as beautiful focal points and conversation starters about sustainability in art. 

Research the artists and their practices to ensure their values align with yours, supporting those committed to minimizing environmental impact. Eco-friendly art often carries a raw, organic quality, warming up the space and bringing a natural element to your living room. 

  • Digital Art Displays 

Digital displays offer a versatile and dynamic way to showcase an ever-changing collection of art, allowing you to adapt the artwork to your mood or the occasion with just a touch of a button. The key is to treat it like any other piece of art to ensure it complements the room.  

The adaptability of digital art means your display can reflect seasonal changes, special events, or your evolving taste in art. Choosing content for your digital display can be an exciting exploration of various styles and periods, turning your living room into a window to the world's art. 


Choosing the right statement piece for your living room invites you to explore the vast world of art, your style, and the story you wish to tell. Whether through framed prints, sculptural elements, or digital art displays, each choice reflects your unique identity.  

Thoughtfully selected artwork that resonates with you and complements your living space creates a visually stunning, deeply personal, and inviting environment. Remember, the best statement piece is one that speaks to you, transforms your space, and leaves a lasting impression on all who enter.