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How to Get Published and Promote Your Work as Artist

15 March - 2024
by Vincent Moleveld


As an artist, it's crucial to effectively showcase your work to the world. One of the most promising ways to do this is by utilizing an online gallery platform. But how can artists best publish their work and garner attention from a wide audience?

At Online Gallery, we provide artists with the perfect opportunity to share and promote their creations. With our platform, artists can easily create an account and showcase five works online for free. For those looking to expand their portfolios, we also offer a premium package for just €10 per month. With this premium package, artists can publish an unlimited number of artworks online and enjoy additional benefits, such as our website generation tool.

What makes our premium package so special? In addition to the ability to publish an unlimited number of artworks, we also offer artists the opportunity to use our website generation tool for free. With just a few simple steps, you can create a personalized website and professionally present your artworks to a broader audience. This not only provides artists with more visibility but also more opportunities to sell their work and connect with potential buyers and collectors.

Get interviewed

But if you truly want to stand out and establish yourself as an artist, we also offer the opportunity to be interviewed. Our interviews are divided into three categories, allowing you to choose the one that best suits you and your work.

An interview with Online Gallery not only offers a unique opportunity to present yourself as an artist but can also serve as valuable promotional material for your portfolio. It gives potential buyers and enthusiasts a behind-the-scenes look and creates a deeper connection with you and your work.

In summary, at Online Gallery, we believe in supporting artists and providing the right tools and opportunities to publish their work in a professional and effective manner. Whether you choose our free basic package, our premium package, or an interview, we are here to help you maximize your creative potential and bring your artworks to a wider audience.

A good biography for your profile page – let us help you!

On our platform, showcasing your artwork in the best possible light is paramount. Presentation holds significant weight in the art world, and we spare no effort in ensuring that Online Gallery maintains its visual appeal.

However, visitors and potential buyers are not just interested in your art; they also want to learn about the artist behind the creations. Your background, inspirations, and motivations are pivotal in connecting with your audience. This is where a well-written biography plays a crucial role in your profile. It should strike a balance between being concise and comprehensive while also engaging the reader. Here's a tip: Help your audience understand why your work is exceptional. Unveil the significance behind your art, the journey that led to its creation, and if applicable, elaborate on the techniques employed.

Although crafting a compelling biography may require some time and effort, it's instrumental in instilling confidence in potential buyers, thereby enhancing your chances of success.

Struggling to pen down a captivating biography for your profile? Or perhaps grammar poses a challenge?

Worry not! Allow us to assist you. Simply share your draft with us, and our skilled editors will refine it, ensuring a polished and professional text for your profile.