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Rewrite your biography

A good biography for your profile page – let us help you!

Our website is built in such a way that you can show your art in the best possible way. Presentation is very important in the art world and we work hard to keep Online Gallery looking great.

But visitors and potential buyers also want to know more about you as an artist. What your background is, and what drives you. This is why your written biography is such an important part of your profile. Your biography should be concise but complete, and interesting to read. A tip: Help the client understand why your work is special. Explain the meaning of your art work, how you arrived at the result. And if it applies, explain which techniques you used.

A well written biography might take a bit of time, but will convince the buyer he/she can have confidence in you and your art. This enhances your chance of success.

Do you find it difficult to write a good biography for your profile? Or is grammar may be an obstacle?

We can help! Send us your rough draft and our editor will tidy it up, for a professional text on your profile.


200 words // 79,99 euro

400 words // 99,99 euro

600 words // 124,99 euro

Contact us for more information about our editorial services.