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Choosing a courier to ship an art work

18 November - 2021
by Vincent Moleveld


When you sell an art work through Online Gallery, you (the artist/seller) are required to ship the work and pay for the initial outbound shipping costs. The client will be charged the amount mentioned in your shipping profile. This amount will be passed on to you (artist/seller) when the client has paid the order.


How to decide on shipping and shipping costs

Get quotes from couriers and round up in case there are any additions. If you have charged too much, refund the customer. If you have charged too little, it will be difficult to reclaim. Research courier services, directly speak to the courier if possible. Most couriers offer quotations on the internet.  It is easy to find out what it costs to send your artwork to any destination. Select the best couriers. Check whether there are any particular regulations/added costs regarding exportation/importation to/in the country you are sending your artwork to.


Do your homework

Do your homework, research. Make sure the information you supply is correct. The artist/seller has the obligation to ship the artwork correctly, using a reliable courier. Find out whether the courier offers insurance and what the costs concerned are, to include this in your shipping information.

Do use a track and trace service to be able to follow the shipping process. Keep your client informed and pass on any information (for instance about delays) the courier may send you regarding the shipping progress.


International couriers offering tracking


  • DHL Express ships artworks. Do check on the maximum value allowed of antiques, art works or fine art you wish to send. Different restrictions and terms may apply per country.
  • Fedex advises shipping art work under $ 1000, with a limit of liability. To ship artwork of a higher value, get in touch with Fedex directly. More information on:
  • TNT allows art shipping, but there may be restrictions depending on the value, and asks to inform them if you wish to send anything classified as a restricted item.
  • Local post services offer shipping options; depending on the location checks may be needed on how an art work is classified, and on possible restrictions.



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