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Abstract landscapes by Stanislav Bojankov - ‘Inspired by everything’

3 August - 2020
by Alice Broeksma

The award-winning Bulgarian artist Stanislav Bojankov, whose work is widely exhibited, has been painting as long as he can remember. Already as a child he had the urge to dream, think and paint, surrounded by the beauty and old culture of his country. Bulgaria has a rich history reaching back to Neolithic times, primitive cave art, ancient Greek and Roman times, orthodox Byzantium, Ottoman and Oriental civilisations. In the mid-nineties, Bojankov studied foundation techniques at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, one of the oldest schools in Europe. It was a quality education, after which he experimented with many disciplines: drawing, painting, collage, graphics and installations.

- How did you develop the style you are using at the moment?

 I gradually educated myself, solving technical, creative and conceptual problems with my art. I also produced my own handmade paper. My style developed alongside the existential and human impulses and emotions of everyday life, and on my personal journey.

Landscaping-CLXXXI - watercolor, on paper, unframed, free shipping - 70 x 50 cm - €250,-

Landscaping-CLXXXI - watercolor, on paper, unframed, free shipping - 70 x 50 cm - €250,-

- What is your work method?

I work a lot. As a free lancer I have always had the freedom to choose what I paint and how to live my daily life. I go to my studio every day to work or read or listen to music. I have two approaches. The first is an emotional-spontaneous burst of energy, which I try to master through various means of expression -mainly using watercolours, acrylics, drawings and monotypes- while trying to enjoy the spontaneity of the process. The way a composer does, creating his music, drawing from the depths of the consciousness of abstract sounds expressing his emotions and personal vibrations - such are my series of abstract landscapes, inspired by jazz or by my favourite, Chopin. The second approach is conceptual. First I choose the sentence, the important message or thought I wish to express. Then I choose the technique, the means to give this thought or message form. For me, it is about important philosophical or existential messages.

- Which artists are an example to you?

 I have many favourites. Rembrandt, Leonardo, all the contemporary and modern art of the 20th century on which art nowadays is based. In my work I strive to be an artist of the 21st century, using modern techniques and methods, and the social challenges, ideas and messages of our time. I am inspired by everything: art, philosophy, music, nature, mythology, beauty and ugliness at the same time, good and bad - as is our life, a symbiosis, a kaleidoscope of everything we call ‘life’. Art is the direct proof that there is real life on our suffering planet.

Please visit the artist page of Stanislav Bojankov for more available work.

Header image: Improvisation-II - Just Raining - XXXV - €220,-


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