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5 Hacks To Make Baby Photography Newcastle A Success

14 February - 2022
by Vincent Moleveld


Usually, parents can picture a newborn. However, there are tried-and-true tactics and shortcuts to help you take the greatest images. You’re lucky if the infant you’re photographing is sleeping the entire time. However, if they wake up and begin screaming, the true problem begins.

Baby photography is very popular nowadays, with so many parents wanting to preserve memories of that newborn phase. Babies are squishy and so adorable, but they also grow so fast. They’re on their feet in no time, running like toddlers, then like young children. Many local photographers and studios in your region, such as, so, parents can have exactly those shots they desire.

You can still capture those precious moments, ready to share with your family and friends, with these tips:


1. Find The Best Light

If you can have as much natural light as possible, that’ll be better. Forget about the flash of your camera or phone, as this would only be distracting for the baby. If you have a baby that’s sleeping comfortably and soundly, make the most out of that moment.

If you don’t have access to natural light, that’s when your studio lighting or ring lights will come into play. Just be sure to minimize the use of flashing lights, which can also be overbearing to a baby’s eyes.


2. Choose The Best Timing

Babies are creatures of habit, and they move on a routine throughout the day. Every infant has a daily habit of performing the same activities at the same hour. If your parents are there, they can also assist you in determining when that moment is.

Generally, for baby photography, that ‘best time’ is when the baby is in their best mood. This means they’re not hungry or cranky. This could also be when the baby is in a deep sleep, so, it’s easier to manipulate the baby to the different positions required in the shoot.


3. Be Baby-Ready Before You Start

The setup, decorations, and even the lighting should all be ready before the baby is brought in for the shot. That way, after the baby is in, you’ll just have to make a few minor modifications.

You have to make the studio or location as comfortable and ready for the baby as possible. If you keep on moving and adjusting things, or worse, the baby, you’re only disrupting the baby’s peace and relaxation. Anyone who has dealt with a cranky baby will tell you that’s not something you’d want for your shoot.

The same tip applies to your camera. Time is of the essence. Whatever camera gear you’re planning on using, be sure to set them up before the baby is even ready. The faster you can move around with the shots, the better. You just never know when the baby will start to get sleepy or cranky or feel like they’ve had enough of all the photos.


4. Dress Them Up

This fourth piece of advice is heavily influenced by the general vibe, theme, or design you want for the baby’s images. If you want to dress them up, then do so! Make the most out of this stage in their life when the baby can’t complain yet. When they’re older, it may be harder to make them even wear costumes when they can start to verbalize their feelings.

Whatever suits your fancy, go for it. Those photos come in only once in your baby’s life, after all. When babies are older, that’s when you can go for more natural photos of them moving freely, playing around, running, by the beach, or whatever it is you fancy.


5. Shoot At Eye Level

Shooting a baby at eye level ensures that higher feeling of intimacy with the photos. This means having that easier one-on-one level for the best angles of shooting the baby. Shooting at eye level also means achieving the best photos of the classic newborn shots, which also includes laying on the parents’ arms, hands, or shoulders.

Along with shooting at eye level, it’s also a very good idea to plan the shoots you’ll be taking. That way, you can plan out the shoot based on the baby’s mood. Should they suddenly get cranky, you should be prepared to skip the less-priority shots.



With the hacks above, you should now be feeling a lot more confident that you can get through the whole process of taking photos of a baby. The photos may look serene and peaceful, but you see, there’s a lot of work that goes behind the scenes. From finding the right angles, using the right lighting, and being as discreet and gentle as possible, taking photos of a baby will now be a skill that’s right up your sleeve. Parents will be thanking you for preserving those moments, which will soon fly by fast.