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About the work

Two buildings captured at once. I pointed my camera to the glass façade of the Police station, to see if I can make something out of it. The three, square openings of the building suddenly seemed to enter a dialogue with the three robust, neoclassical arches of the stone façade of the City Hall of Rotterdam right behind me. A silent dialogue that even the most eloquent speakers could not describe. I believe I almost overheard a part of it. It went like:

“so here we stand, across each other, having nothing in common. When I came here in the 80’s , I noticed how beautifully curved your arched windows were, whereas mine were all the same repetitive squares and these tiles on my skin, not even sure why they chose this color. And almost nobody takes a picture of me, while you are kind of popular in the media”

“I stand here a century old, one of the first remarkable buildings of this city, even survived the bombs of the second World War. But I need to thank you, because thanks to you, I realized how beautiful I am, because now I can see my reflection in your mirror.”

“that is right, that means that your reflected façade is partially mine as well… and it is not true that we have nothing in common. We share the same street. Passers-by can walk here and cars park between us. We can look at them at the same time without them even noticing…”


PublisherArt of the blue studio

About the artist

I am Maria Selkou and I was born in Athens, Greece. The strongest memories in my mind have the intense blue tones of the summer holidays next to the sea. When I moved to the Netherlands in 2010, different blue tones enhanced my palette; dramatic skies and Delft blue ceramics made the connection between these two seemingly different cultures through that color: cyan.

My studies of Architecture in Greece and the Netherlands have made me overly sensitive to the urban environment, architectural elements, buildings and their relationship with the surroundings and the play between light and shadow are always fascinating subjects that I try to capture. I currently live and work in the Netherlands as an architect.

My fascination for the fields of photography and art has found an intersection through cyanotype.  I create cyanotypes on paper and textile, that tell a story of the places I have visited or lived in. Each cyanotype is a unique, handmade artwork that combines the analogue cyanotype technique with digital photography. With my artworks, I aim to experiment with the dynamic relationship between artistic and realistic photographic representation.

Other work of Art of the blue studio

The rear window
Prints, 29x20.9 cm (w/h)