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Andrei Maksimjuk

Tallinn, Estonia
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Member since: 7 August 2020

About Andrei Maksimjuk

Andrei Maksimjuk is estonian artist. He was born in Tallinn but lives in Milan for a long time. He got the bachelor's and master's degree in painting and drawing in Estonian Academy of Arts and Breara - the Academy of Arts in Milan, which occupies a very important place for the artist. Maksimjuk experimented in various directions: restoration, teaching, organization of exhibitions, design and first of all painting. He experimented also with different techniques: drawings, collages, mixed media. Andrei Maksimjuk was an apprentice of the famous artists Luca Vernizzi and Ulysses Sartini, who occupy an important place in his becoming as an artist. Andrei Maksimjuk has solo exhibitions in Estonia, Finland and Milan and participated in collective exhibitions, including the 2009 "Glocal Art 2. Young Artists Without a Wall" at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan ", Sea Level ”in St. Petersburg (Russia),“ Dialogue and Identity ”at the Kaiserliche Hofburg in Innsbruck (Austria). Lives and works in Milan. 

Andrei Maksimjuk uses the artistic environment with the intention of taking the viewer into a sophisticated world of lightness of mind and silence. The artist's works are very deep. The circumstances in which Maksimjuk's figures appear determine a vision that is more than surreal, suggesting unreal places. There is a secret in this. And artist invites the viewer to go in it and discover the depth of the world around and yourself.