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From the 'Conversation Series ' by International artist T P Hardisty comes the artwork ' I think I need a change of direction '.
It comes framed with a perspex/glass front and is ready to hang.
The artwork is titled, signed, dated and with the artists stamp to the rear.
It is from a series of only 12.

The works of T P Hardisty have been sold and collected around the world and are typically made from everyday objects, that are assembled and arranged to transform them into unique artworks which allow the viewer to see past the everyday by transforming them into a different reality. The ' Conversation Series ' expands on this by including a phrase and more often than not, a touch of English humour.
Larger works have been exhibited at Art Miami, London Art Fair, and various exhibitions throughout Europe.
With a cosmopolitan background that straddles art, sculpture, contemporary furniture and cutting edge design, and an entrepreneurial drive that has seen him build separate businesses both in London and New York, TP Hardisty has forged an exciting reputation as an international artist synonymous with the innovative use of colour, structure and reinvention. Bold, provocative and stimulating, TP Hardisty's core tenet of creatively reinventing the everyday has seen him quickly establish himself as one of the UK's most intriguing emerging talents, the pioneer of an expression that provides strong and compelling new perspectives to the obscure and the unseen, via the abstract transformation of everyday objects and observations. Recent exhibitions include, London Art Fair, Art Miami, Art Palm Beach, Art Wynwood, Art Monaco as well as Art Southampton in New York. TP Hardisty works in the UK and Switzerland. His work is in private collections and institutions across the globe, including the UK, USA, France, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Sweden, Lebanon and the Philippines.


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