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About the work

Colors of the rainbow

Abstract form of photography in which colors form the basis of the artwork. 

By mixing oil and water, lighting this from various angles under various colors, a unique color pattern is created. 

As a solo object, the artwork gives a warm appearance to any room, but if the room is large enough, the two mirrored works next to each other are a true eye-catcher. We offer one work for € 599, - and the two mirrored works together are offered for € 1049, - .

The artwork offered here consists of 2 high-gloss aluminum panels of 130 cm each. wide. By hanging them next to each other with a gap of 5 to 10 cm. you create a colorful, unique and warm atmosphere in the desired space. 

I have pictures available of a dining room where the double version is hanging behind the dining table, if you want to know what this can look like, please contact me. 



PublisherRobin Scholte
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

Robin Scholte (1976) is a Dutch award-winning photographer specialized in landscapes, wildlife and abstract shapes. His works are thought out and aimed to emphasize the beauty of our nature so that everyone is careful with what we have left. 

With his motto "You can only waste time when you forget to enjoy", he photographs at home and abroad, often at his own discretion and sometimes on assignment. His works are exhibited in several places and he was awarded at the Budapest International Photo Awards (BIFA) and the International Black & White Photo Contest (Monochrome Awards). 

All his works sold through an (online) gallery are limited, signed and provided with a certificate of authenticity.

Robin Scholte (1976) is een Nederlandse award winnende fotograaf gespecialiseerd in landschappen, wildlife en abstracte vormen. Zijn werken zijn doordacht en gericht om de schoonheid van onze natuur te benadrukken opdat een ieder zuinig is op wat we nog hebben.

Met zijn motto "You can only waste time when you forget to enjoy" fotografeert hij in binnen- en buitenland, vaak naar eigen inzicht en soms in opdracht. Zijn werken worden op meerdere plekken geëxposeerd en hij werd onder andere bekroond op de Budapest International Photo Awards (BIFA) en de International Black & White Photo Contest (Monochrome Awards).

Al zijn werken verkocht via een (online) galerie zijn gelimiteerd, gesigneerd en voorzien van een echtheidscertificaat.


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