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About the work

Het plezier wat badgasten hebben aan golven aan zee.


PublisherPeter Smit
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

Painter Peter Smit (1957) , with his loose touch en colored palette, creates impressionistic beach scenes, as well city scenes, portraits and models paintings. By focusing on colour and light. Peter Smit is an Amsterdam based painter who loves to paint in the tradition of the Impressionists. There are no lines, but color spots and areas. Light and color play a leading role. Color is a very important aspect in his work, in addition to the loose key. He paints with oil paint, NAT IN NAT, without preliminary sketches. The result is an almost lost atmosphere, which can evoke a feeling of nostalgia. Peter Smit loves to capture the moment immediately. Like on the beach, where he can 'peep' bathers and 'catch' them in their most characteristic position. Peter Smit prefers to paint LIVE and PLEIN AIR. He likes to be among people. He wants outside influences and is inspired by them. He paints what appears to him. Outside are the subjects; city ​​and beach and in the studio; model and portrait. Showing people from the inside, that is what Peter Smit depicts in his portraits that he paints on commission Eugène Siau, of gallery Siau, said it aptly; "Peter's work makes you happy!" He was also the first, in 1997, to describe Peter Smit as a post-impressionist.

Other work of Peter Smit

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Painting, 70x50 cm (w/h)
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Domburg aan zee
Painting, 70x50x2 cm (w/h/d)
Beach cabins & sealing boats
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Walkers & kyters at the beach
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