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About the work

Oil, ink and paper


PublisherPauline Hazeu
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityNot included

About the artist

Pauline Hazeu, 1947. Education: the Art Academy in Tilburg and the Fashion Academy in Amsterdam. -Portraits commissioned, oil on canvas and paper, drawings, ink on paper, bronze. Sensitive and expressive, that is the work of Pauline Hazeu. With the power of uninterrupted lines, she puts her creatures' chimneys on paper. She flawlessly conveys character and mood. Whether it is human or animal; seamlessly she exposes the emotional life of the beings that she breathes new life into by drawing, painting or sculpting. Without words she tells about the moods that lie behind the posture of body or face. She talks about sadness, tenderness, intimacy, power relations. Behind all the work is her personal story.

Other work of Pauline Hazeu

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