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Every artist, photographer, designer or jewelry maker can create their own artist page on Online Gallery. The condition for publication on is that your page meets the presentation conditions and that it is approved by Online Gallery. An overview page that does not meet the presentation conditions will not be included in the overview.

Online Gallery has 3 subscription types: Basic, Standard and Premium (Artsy is by invitation only). There are also advertising opportunities for artists to gain extra attention for their work / exhibition. This can be done through news reports or as an artist of the month. Online Gallery stands for quality and is free to refuse a promotion request.

What is the goal of Online Gallery?

Online Gallery is the place where love for art begins. Our goal is to bring art and buyers together. We do this by giving artists their own overview page and by allowing them to be part of our art platform. Art lovers can search through our database through smart filters to find the art that appeals to them. In addition, Online Gallery has a high "Page Authority", meaning that content is properly valued by Google and that content will be visible high in Google's search results.

Online Gallery is for?

Online Gallery is intended for anyone who makes art. From amateurs to professionals, everyone can create their own page on Online Gallery.

We think it is important that quality is shown on the site: That is why every participant is assigned a ranking, which is determined by the ballot committee. The ranking determines, in combination with other search terms, the displayed position of the work.

In addition, Online Gallery is intended for art lovers. On Online Gallery they find art in every discipline and for every budget. Inspiring columns and interviews are also regularly posted on our "blog" page. Art lovers can like artworks and artists and automatically receive related news.

Who Owns Online Gallery?

Online Gallery is registered in the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands as Online Gallery B.V.

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Highlighted artworks

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Keith Haring mural in Amsterdam Preserved for the future

17 January - 2020
by Vincent Moleveld

The mural by Keith Haring at the Foodcenter in Amsterdam-West will be restored next year. Haring painted the work in 1986, eight years later it disappeared behind a metal facade. During the rediscovery in 2018 the wall painting turned out to be in...

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Painting for Beginners: How to Get Started

4 September - 2017
by Vincent Moleveld

Painting for beginners and how to get started. We have made a collection of the basics you will need for your first painting. Don't expect too much, but just enjoy yourself. Books about painting for beginners Traditional art has been around a...

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‘‘Women of Allah" versus Women of Heart – Iran versus USA reality

11 January - 2020
by Lida Sherafatmand

If Georgia O’Keeffe the American female painter represented a heart of the USA, I am an Iranian female painter representing a heart of Iran. Georgia O’Keeffe carries the soul of a nation while bringing attention to the beauty and sensuality of...

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