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Online Gallery: The best present for an artist

Thinking about giving a present to an artist? Something longer lasting than a bottle of wine? Here’s a great gift: a year’s subscription to Online Gallery. For less than 100 euro you will enable the artist to show his or her work on our international art platform. For a whole year!

Online Gallery is a very strong international platform: high in all major search engines, with a fast growing number of artists displaying their work, seen by a worldwide audience.

Online Gallery is based in The Netherlands, known for its culture, design and expertise. The website is run by internet specialists and art experts.

Have a browse, see what we do. Online Gallery displays art in an attractive and accessible way. Our website connects artists and buyers. Each month, our Art Director handpicks an ‘Artist of the Month’. This could be your artist.

Our subscription fees start from € 9.99 per month (€ 95,90 a year) allowing artists to show unlimited works on Online Gallery and offer artwork at our live art auction.

By simply uploading their art, artists instantly have a worldwide audience.

What a gift!

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