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About the work


PublisherMarjan Mijnsbergen - van Hugten
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

I was born in De Bilt, the Netherlands and live in Bergen op Zoom.

In 1983 I founded the artists' association "Ars Peintura" in Houten. After that time I have not had time to paint for a long time, but since 15 years I have been busy with passion again. Since my youth I have been fascinated by the universe, astrology, the human psyche (what moves people and why) and the natural treasures of our earth (crystals, gems and shells). Gemstones have been used throughout the ages for their healing properties and other spiritual purposes and have a lot to offer.  I want to convey that love for natural treasures through my art. Sometimes I am inspired by an image or (self-made) photo or I let myself be guided by the stones or materials. I don't like to commit to a fixed style or material. I am changeable and continue to discover and amaze myself about the variety of materials and subjects that appeal to me at that moment. It is also an art to dare to be stubborn or different. A work of art is a piece of creation seen through a state of mind. For figurative work or portraits I mainly use oil paint and for my abstract work, acrylic/mixed media and all kinds of (waste) materials or business materials. Besides painting I also create sculptures in bronze and clay. 

 I have gained extensive experience by following an Art Academy (drawing) and masterclasses, workshops, courses with different masters in the profession.

2014 - Exhibition In theatre De Maagd, in honor of the presentation of the collection; "Screen, my window" by Son Franken, in collaboration with Rick Lelieveld, Petra Kwaadgras. October 2014. 

2017- Member of NABK 

2017- Atelier Zonneklaarkunst, continuous painting lessons

2018 - Exhibition Frames & Art, Bergen op Zoom. Aug. - Dec. 

2019 - Exhibition Art & Karup. Karup furniture. Bergen op Zoom, Oct. - Dec. 

2020- Exhibition Frames & Art, Bergen op Zoom. Jan. - Mar. 

2020 - Gallery at Sea, Knokke-Heist. Solo exhibition. June.



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