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About the work

The woman is performing the juggling act with great concentration but with confidence. It looks as if she is thinking about something else, the balls are in control.


PublisherMargriet Pronk
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

After working as a teacher and graphic designer I decided some years ago that I wanted to make my own pictures, tell my own stories. So I started painting ( first in acrylic, now mostly in oil). 


What does painting mean to you?

"Painting means going on the road. A journey that often chafes and cracks. Although sometimes confronting - painting makes me a happier and more complete person. When I paint, everything falls away from that environment; including the awareness of time and space. I'm on the go, on  a journey of discovery, I don't know what I'm going to find."

What is the essence of your work?

"I love to look at people. I'm interested in how they move, behave, look. You can see that in my work. I usually use photos that I find on the internet, newspapers and magazines. Images that appeal to me. Usually there is something of (black) humor, absurdity or surreal to discover. Often I don't know why I choose a particular image. I add something and a new image is created. For me also for the viewer a new story arises."

Who inspires you?

"There are two painters who inspire and fascinate me the most: Neo Rauch and Michaël Borremans. In Rauch's colourful paintings that are very alienating, so much happens. It is a mixture of historical and personal images. With the works of Borremans I feel especially related by the subdued and subtlety. For me they are really great painters."



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