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About the work

This Graphic Imagination, a large Maze or Puzzle if you want, draws you in, will captivate you. Or maybe hypnotize you? The size is A2. It is made with a Rotring Rapidograph 0,13 pen. The colors made with Pentel ultra fine brush pens. It's a reproduction from Re-Art, first scanned on a CRUSE 2.000 dpi scanner, digitally enhanced and then printed on high quality 250 grams paper. 

Please contact me directly if you want to order this artwork framed, in either a MOEBE frame (€ 100,00) or VREEMD frame (€ 200,00)

Two examples of the MOEBE frame can be seen with the RED and BLUE graphic imaginations. Two examples of the VREEMD frames can be seen with the Bubbles en OWL graphic imaginations.



PublisherLex Beijer
Certificate of authenticityNot included

About the artist

Lex Beijer makes detailed graphic imaginations. He started doing this at a young age. People noticed these drawings. So did his mother; she gave him his first Rotring pen. He was born - and lives - in Amsterdam.

As an adult, life took a different turn. He studied Marketing, raised a family and became an entrepreneur. In recent years, he rediscovered his talent for graphical drawing. He took up his Rotring pen again. He has already produced an impressive portfolio.

Again, people are noticing these hypnotizing drawings. It is hard to label them. They are artistic and organic - some say doodles - or graphic design. Lex calls them Graphic Imaginations, and that's exactly what they are. Some are abstract, others figurative. They suck you in. You can’t stop watching. You'll get mesmerized, meditative or even shocked. Every time you watch, you will discover new details. 

People are very welcome to buy his art for their homes. And they do. Also, Lex really loves to see them brighten up offices and workplaces. Imagination is not only important in arts, but in business too. What would happen if you -  in between meetings - spend a few minutes in front of one of his artworks? Give your mind a rest, stop thinking for a while. Maybe bright ideas pop up when doing so. His art invites you to take a moment to spark your creativity.

“Being an entrepreneur runs in my blood. I see all these offices, ‘empty’ and devoid of any artistic ambiance. Empty walls are boring! In my companies, I’ve always had art surrounding me and my co-workers; it feels so much more complete. And research shows that 65% of the employees appreciate art in the office.”

Artfully yours, @graphic.imaginations, Lex Beijer

Other work of Lex Beijer

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