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Verdant Gecko

Mixed Media on stretched canvas
24x30x1.5 cm (w/h/d)

About the work

Here I came up with a gecko, a creature which I have come to find fascinating mainly for two reasons. One is the fact that they are very capable at climbing up walls and even move upside down on a ceiling. The other fascinating thing is the patterned colours that they wear.

One very large gecko in particular, used to catch my attention and I used to call it the ‘Little Dinosaur’. It no longer is to be seen, but for some years certainly, year after year I used to catch a glimpse of it through a window scaling up or climbing down a drain pipe which lead up to the roof, just a little over three storeys high. It must have lived somewhere at ground level where it is cooler. Here where I live, we have flat roofs which we can walk on. On one instance during the ant season, I was cooling down upstairs at dusk. Suddenly, in the corner of my right eye, I saw two little ones jetting around, munching on the flying ants that had descended on the roof. Then after a little while, in the left hand corner of my eye, the ‘Little Dinosaur’ appeared to join in the feast. There I was a prisoner for while, trying not to move, afraid of startling them away and so I waited to see they leave on their own accord. I was delighted at watching them hunt and ridding me of the ants at the same time. They’re like little colourful friends in a way.


As for the painting itself, it is in mixed media painted on a gallery wrapped stretched canvas. Even the sides are incorporated with the painting and therefore, the piece does not need any framing.  You may see this in the additional images, where you also may see my signature on the front and some markings on the back.