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Dashing Hounds ... No5/10 (Large Watercolour Painting)

Watercolour Paper (100% Cotton Rag), Watercolours
123.5x53.5x0.1 cm (w/h/d)
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About the work

**This painting was accepted by ArtBox Projects Zurich and it made to the semi-finals and is one of a limited edition of 10 original paintings that are still available for sale, of which you may compare to the others on my page.


*Please note that all these paintings are of the same quality and hues in colour. I assure you that the difference one may see from one another as for colour is due to my photography, which is not my forte, sorry   


To the races.........

'Dashing Hounds' is a limited edition of 10 ORIGINAL PAINTINGS of the same like. In other words, all are hand-painted and not printed.

What you are seeing here is number 5 from ten original paintings. All are very similar in colour, with an exact composition and having very slight differences from one another. One must appreciate as much that being original watercolours, there will be slight differences.

Each painting is painted individually on Lanaquarelle 640gsm /300lbs hot pressed mould made 100% cotton paper, numbered and signed by myself.

As additional proof of them being genuine, each painting also has a pair of unique holograms that have a matching number that will not be reproduced anywhere.

One of the holograms will be stuck to the certificate of authenticity accompanied with the painting and the other that will have the only other matching number, will be stuck to the back of the painting itself.

The style I have employed is my 'Kinetic' style which is easy on the eye, bridging the old (Art Deco) with the contemporary style. As with all my 'kinetic' paintings, it shows movement, energy and flow. Something lively, but also elegant.