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About the work

This is what I always miss.
I know a lot of decisive and strong-willed people. But I myself am not one of them. Of course, I am able to make a decision, and I make it several times every day. But I always have a feeling that this is correct. I always doubt it. They say that this is a property of a developed brain and even a sign of intelligence. Maybe.
But I see around me that this is not so. Decisive and uncompromising people achieve everything in life quickly and without stress. And we, timid and doubting, remain on the sidelines.
As for me, I'd rather stay on my sidelines than become a determined person.
Determination in people scares me, to be completely honest.


PublisherIgor Shulman
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About the artist

Most people loved drawing, when they were a child, but not everyone keep on later. I was lucky, because my interest in world around me became a profession. I think this is best profession in a whole world! Try to imagine — you can be at home all day and really enjoy of it! And sometimes this hobby can bring you a good money. Its a dream! I never was inspired by nature or some event , but always by people - their beauty, their reaction to events around. And of course colleagues - their work, their successes, their luck. Most of all I am inspired by the work of my colleagues. Probably, I have no sense of envy at all! This moment gives me 100% happiness and inspiration. I find strength in myself to be surprised. Because everything amazing is around us, you just need to open your eyes to see it.

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