For the Artist

As an artist you are a specialist within the arts and often not a marketing specialist. Your work is to express your inspiration and to express your inspiration in beautiful creations.

Art lovers and art buyers are everywhere. They have a common denominator: they want to be touched by art. As an artist you can touch them through a specific theme, emotion, question or desire, but of course also through a technique, use of color or material. Many people who actually buy something like to get to know the artist and there is no better place to meet than the artist's own studio.

Exactly this is what we want to promote as  OnlineGallery.Art.

Art buyers will find you

At the moment you still have to deal with too many peripheral issues, such as marketing, while you prefer to focus on creating art. By using  OnlineGallery.Art this becomes much more efficient, simpler and more effective for you.

Online platform 

OnlineGallery.Art is an online art platform and is managed by internet professionals. Artists can present themselves and their work in a beautiful and clear way. It is easy to search on OnlineGallery.Art and to make direct contact with the artist or respond to artworks. For artists with a paid packages it is also possible to link your own website and social media. This also gives a very strong link to your own website.

Above all, OnlineGallery.Art wants to promote direct contact between the art buyer and artist and we think it is important that the artist does not pay any commissions on a sale.

As an artist, you decide for yourself what work you place on OnlineGallery.Art and you can add a profile photo, biography and links to the website and social media.

Because of to the strong website Authority of OnlineGallery.Art we ensure the highest possible position in all major search engines! OnlineGallery.Art makes you visible on the internet!

Online visibility

OnlineGallery.Art lives for online visibility. That is why we ensure that you can be found on OnlineGallery.Art with every search term. It is therefore important to add as much information as possible (or as you like). Tip: Tell people the story behind every artwork presented on OnlineGallery.Art.

You can increase your online visibility on OnlineGallery.Art by upgrading your package. When you upgrade your package you can add more labels. The labels are linked to the filter page Artbuyers use to find artworks.

Monthly contribution

OnlineGallery.Art is arranged in such a way that it is very simple to create your own art page. In addition, we continue to develop the website to continuously improve the user experience. If you still have trouble with it you can always contact us, we will gladly help you further. 

We have chosen to keep the costs for  OnlineGallery.Art  low. You can add 5 artworks and a profile for little as € 1.95 per month (incl. VAT). There are no extra costs and no commissions for sales. We also think it is important that you can stop whenever you want, so OnlineGallery.Art can be canceled per month!


By registering and creating your profile you can experience for yourself what  OnlineGallery.Art has to offer you. We look forward to add you as an Artist!


Sell you art online!

- Starting from € 1,95 per month

- No commissions

- Receive 100% of sold work

- Direct contact with Artbuyers

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