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Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the use of Online Gallery. If this page doesn't help please sent an email to

01. Why buy through Online Gallery

14 Day Buyer Protection

Online Gallery acts between buyer and seller. We ensure a smooth exchange between the item and the money paid. After the purchase Online Gallery keeps the amount 14 days in its own account. In case of serious default by the artist supplying the goods, Online Gallery will of course reimburse the purchase sum to the buyer.

Online Gallery acting as an intermediary between buyer and seller

We know our artists, and what the buyer expects. This enables us to act as an intermediary. We will do everything to achieve satisfactory results for both parties.

Reasons to buy via Online Gallery

We apply the principle of fair exchange. The artist will be paid after the purchaser has received the artwork in good order and is satisfied with the goods. After receipt of the artwork the purchaser has three days (72 hours) to notify Online Gallery if there are any defects or other problems, via During these three days OnlineGallery keeps the client’s money secure, after which the amount will automatically be processed and released for payment to the artist. The artist will be paid within 30 days the artwork has been received by the purchaser. In case of serious default by the artist Online Gallery will reimburse the cost of the artwork to the buyer. If necessary Online Gallery can mediate.

02. Online Art Auction

At auction, how do I increase the chance of a successful sale of my art?

Make sure the description is correct and complete. Include all available information: on history and provenance, the artist, art movement. If there is damage, mention this. 

Decide on a realistic opening price and use good images of the artwork. Only use the best photos. Mention the auction on your social media to generate interest.

How do I decide on a realistic price for the opening bid?

Use the gallery price as a starting point. A realistic opening bid is approximately 20 per cent of the gallery price. If there is no such reference, consider a valuation of the artwork.

A known ‘technique’ at auction sales is to start with a very low auction price to encourage bidding. Do bear in mind this carries a risk: if the winning bid disappoints, the hammer price is binding.

How do I take a good photo of the artwork I want to auction?

Use a good quality camera and make sure the photo is in focus. Use a neutral background and (with sculpture, design pieces) take photos from all sides; also take a photo of the signature. Avoid shadows, do not use a flash, use day light. Make sure the image is level, use a tripod. To straighten the image afterwards, use the photo editing program on your laptop or mobile phone.

I acquired artwork at the auction, when will it be delivered to my address?

When you have acquired an artwork via our auction you will receive a track and trace code within 72 hours. With this code you can follow your purchase and see when it will be delivered.

VAT has been mentioned on my invoice, although Online Gallery does not charge VAT. Why is this?

In some cases VAT has been itemized on your invoice. This VAT-amount is included in the total price (you will not pay more). VAT may sometimes have been specified because of the VAT obligations of the vendor.

03. Dispatch and delivery

I have requested -and paid for- shipping. When may I expect delivery of my package?

The artists are responsible for shipping the artwork. Immediately after your purchase the artist receives an e-mail with the request to ship the artwork and fill in a track & trace code. The artist has 72 hours to do this, and will notify you if more time is needed for shipment. After the artist has filled in a track & trace code you will receive an e-mail with more details about the shipment. You will be able to follow the package and see the expected time of delivery.

Safe shipping

It is the responsibility of the artist to send out the artwork in a correct and secure way. For international transport, the best method may be sending the art in a strong box or crate. This needs to be manufactured. It may be possible to discuss the best way of shipping with the buyer.

Why are the delivery charges so high?

Delivery charges via Online Gallery are competitive. The artist ensures safe shipping of the artwork. Sometimes a special box or crate needs to be made. There are two rates: for national and international shipping. These rates may vary; weight of the total package will play an important role. We aim to keep delivery charges as low as possible, but quality shipping for us is most important.

04. Buying

By how much can I increase bidding at the auction?

Increasing a bid on Online Gallery is possible by a minimum of 5 Euro each time.

How much does it cost to buy on Online Gallery?

You pay the price you bid, or the mentioned price of the artwork. This does not include shipping/delivery charges. The total cost will be clearly stated when purchasing art.

I have doubts about the description or provenance of an artwork. How can I check?

If you have doubts about an artwork offered at the auction or on our website, there are two options:

  1. Under each item you will find the option saying ‘contact the artist’. Click here to ask the seller direct for more information about the artwork on the website or in the auction.
  2. If you seriously doubt the authenticity of the object or you observe a breach of the Online Gallery regulations, you can send us an email to If you send us your question or remark, we can assess the work.

05. Selling

I am an artist, would Online Gallery consider including my art on the website?

Online Gallery works on the principle beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you regard yourself as an artist, you can present your work. Anyone is welcome to showcase his/her art on Online Gallery. Read more about our rates and subscription options, or register here.

I can’t see my art on the website yet!

It may take a bit of time before all of your work is displayed on the website. However, your personal artist’s page will be live immediately, to share with your friends and on your own network.

The website shows the artworks in a random order for each visitor. After 24 hours, this order will be adjusted again.

I have received an invoice for auction charges, for an item which has not been sold. What should I do?

If a sale has not taken place you can notify Online Gallery by sending us an e-mail. We will verify and reimburse if the item has been billed incorrectly.

My sale has been cancelled, what should I do?

If the sale has been cancelled by mutual agreement, you should notify Online Gallery by sending us an e-mail with any e-mail exchanges between you and the buyer.

If the sale falls through because the buyer does not respond, and you have tried various times to contact the buyer, you can notify Online Gallery by sending us an e-mail with any e-mail exchanges between you and the buyer, mentioning that you have not been able to contact the buyer. Make sure you communicate with the buyer in writing, also to be able to prove afterwards what steps you have taken.

Online Gallery will then look into the case and keep yourself and the buyer informed.


This only applies if the sale has been made via the webshop or at the auction. Online Gallery cannot mediate in other cases.

Selling at our auction or using the webshop function

We charge no commissions over sold work. The artist receives 100% of the sold work. We do, however, settle the transaction costs that are charged by our payment provider

What are the rules for shipping/delivery charges?

Shipping/delivery charges (including packaging) can be invoiced to the purchaser. When posting your item online you can mention the charges for national and international shipping.

What does it cost me to sell art via Online Gallery?

As an artist or art dealer you have the choice between three subscriptions/formats: basic, standard or premium. For the rates, please consult our pricing page

The purchase sum shown on Online Gallery includes VAT. The rules applied will vary per country.

Online Gallery will not charge any commission. With direct trade, Online Gallery will not mediate in case of dispute. The sale is an act between buyer and seller only.

When selling directly to the client, never send out any artwork before receiving the payment.

To protect yourself against scams or fraud it is important to only ship the artwork after having received the entire purchase sum. Be equally vigilant if a buyer offers paying a deposit.

06. Auction or valuation

I have a collection I would like to sell at auction, is this possible?

It is possible to auction art collections owned by companies or individuals via Online Gallery. Would you like to know whether this applies to your collection, what the service consists of and the costs involved? Please send an e-mail for more information.

I own an artwork and would like to know how much it is worth. What is possible?

Online Gallery can provide a valuation of your art without obligations, and assist with  attributing a work to an artist. Please send an e-mail for more information.

It is not possible to alter or remove your work when the auction is live.

You may alter or remove your work before the auction goes live. Please be aware after commencement of the auction alterations are no longer possible!

07. No contact, or damage

I have acquired an artwork at auction, but have not heard from the vendor (after the 3 day time limit).

It frequently happens an e-mail sent by a vendor to a buyer ends up in the spam/junk box. Please check. If you still have not received anything from the vendor 3 days (72 hours) after confirmation of your highest bid, you can write to Online Gallery. We will send the vendor a reminder (with the buyer in cc) and start further proceedings if the vendor still does not react.

I have paid for a work, but the vendor does not react.

If you have paid for a work the vendor is obliged to confirm receipt of the payment and send you a track-and-trace code for shipping, or send you the communication concerning delivery. The vendor is asked to do this within 72 hours after receiving the payment. If you as a buyer do not hear anything for 72 hours, you can contact Online Gallery. We will insist the vendor finalises the transaction. Please send us an e-mail for more information.  

I have received an artwork but it is damaged.

If you have received a damaged work (damaged during shipping or delivery, glass breakage or damage to the work itself) and this differs from the condition the vendor described, you can notify the vendor and Online Gallery. It is important to report the damage immediately – do not wait. The vendor in principle is obliged to annul the sale and take back the work, unless vendor and buyer agree otherwise. The costs of the sale and shipping/delivery charges must be paid for by the vendor. The costs of shipping/return of the work to the vendor must be paid for by the buyer.

Please note: unless otherwise stated damage during shipping/delivery are the responsibility of the vendor.

I have received an artwork but it is not as described.

If you as a buyer have received a work differing from the condition the vendor described (for instance because of damage, or state of the work) the 30-Day Buyers Guarantee of Online Gallery entitles you to claim. Read more on General Conditions. Please pay attention to the terms of sale in advance. Under the 30-Day Buyers Guarantee, vendors on Online Gallery accept the obligation to take back goods if the condition differs from the detailed description. The vendor is responsible for damage during shipping (unless explicitly stated otherwise).

In case of a dispute, with a vendor or buyer, which you are not able to solve yourself, you may ask Online Gallery for our advice or intervention.

I have sold a work, but have not heard from the buyer (after the 3 day time limit).

It frequently happens an e-mail sent by a vendor to a buyer ends up in the spam/junk box. Please check. If you still have not received anything from the buyer 5 days after confirmation of your sale, you can write to Online Gallery. We will try to contact the buyer to facilitate the process.

If you have used the webshop function or auction for your sale, the purchase sum has been paid and you can send out the artwork.

08. My account

How can I change my details?

On your Online Gallery Dashboard you will see an overview of your ongoing bids at auction, and/or your purchases, favourite items, settings and type of subscription (the free or paid for version). Here, you can also alter your details, such as change of address.  

How can I remove my account?

If you no longer wish to make use of Online Gallery, there are two options:

  • Change your paid account to ‘Art Lover’; your account will not be deleted and can be reactivated at a later stage. Log in => Subscriptions => Select Art Lover => Save. You will see a mention your subscription automatically has been altered into Art Lover when your current subscription ends.
  • Delete your account: Log in => Settings => Delete Account

If you pay back a sum with no reason via your credit card, we are obliged to charge 25 Euro. This is because credit card companies charge us for this operation; it is possible and very easy to close down your account, if required.

How will I be kept informed about new work by my favourite artist?

On Online Gallery you can create ‘favourites’ by ticking the heart next to the artworks. You will be notified automatically when the auction nearly ends, or when an artist has added new work. You can change these favourites in your Online Gallery account, too. And you can always cancel receiving e-mails sent by Online Gallery.

I can’t log in, how can I solve this?

If you can’t log in, you can request a new password by clicking on ‘Forgot password’ in the log in window.

If buyers or sellers do not adhere to the rules of Online Gallery (by breaking the agreement made at the point of sale, or other breach of terms), Online Gallery reserves the right to cancel the account of the client concerned. We will always notify you.

I can’t upload images of artwork

First try to log out and log in again. Also do not upload very heavy files. We advise files with a maximum format of 1600 pixels and a DPI of 72. If you still do not manage to upload images of your art, contact us.

I have created an account, by have not received an e-mail. Why is this?

It frequently happens a first e-mail sent to you by our system ends up in your spam/junk box. Please check. Normally you should receive our confirmation e-mail within seconds after creating an account with us, and having taken the required steps to do so. If you still have not received our confirmation, and you have checked your spam/junk inbox, please contact us.

What size should I use for my banner?

1600px * 200px

Where can I find my on-going bids, purchases or favourites?

You will find your on-going bids, purchases or favourites on your Online Gallery Dashboard. Online Gallery also recommends work of other artists. In this section you can alter your details, such as change of address.

Where can I see my purchases?

On your Online Gallery Dashboard you will find an overview of your purchases. We advise properly documenting the art you buy.

09. Get interviewed

What are the conditions to be interviewed?

Any artist with an Online Gallery account has the possibility to be interviewed. We offer three formats, please see "Get Interviewed".

For examples, see: "Interviews".

For more information or to request an interview, email: