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About the work


PublisherEvert Hendriksen

About the artist

Evert Hendriksen sees himself primarily as a creative craftsman. He lives and works in Utrecht. The core of his work is making "Icons in wire", 1: 1 wire figures of objects or utensils that have iconic meaning for him in one way or another. The wire figures can be seen as three-dimensional sketches, they give a strong graphic image on a light background. What they have in common is the recognition that they will often evoke. Many objects in the collection are a tribute to a design icon. From the Opinel knife to the Philips record player. From the neck of a Gretsch guitar to the claw hammer. And from the Polaroid camera and the Agfa Clack to the violin of his neighbor. All archetypes of utensils that have hooked into our collective image memory with just as many loops and knots as in the braided (and never welded together!), three-dimensional representation of it.

Other work of Evert Hendriksen

Sculpture, 60x12 cm (w/h)
Hasselblad 1600F
Sculpture, 9x12 cm (w/h)
Philips recorder EL 3514
Gretsch headstock
PTT telefoon
Sculpture, 18x13 cm (w/h)