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About the work

Method & Medium

Based on a photo of a tiger by sasint (

Using a custom developed computer program, a pattern is generated which describes how four strands of exceptionally fine, high quality thread are to be wound between 500 pins. The three unbroken threads, in the colours Red, Yellow, and Black over a solid White canvas, appear to bounce from pin to pin like rays of light. This inspired the name raythreading, a nod to raytracing, another form of computer art.

The path followed by each thread is finely optimised to draw the colour and shadows of the final image. However equally important is the absence of thread from parts of the image where the white canvas shows through, creating the highlights in the image. To find the perfect compromise a computer algorithm explores millions of possibilities in the search for the most faithful and accurate reproduction of the source image.

The final work of art is entirely handmade, with the pattern of 5300 steps followed exactly, using a total 1.6km of thread.

Uniqueness Guarantee 

Limited edition of 4. Each artwork is handmade with a different pattern which is erased after the work is completed. It is mathematically impossible that same pattern can ever be reproduced guaranteeing the piece is entirely unique.

Because each piece is made personally to order, expect a 3 week delay between ordering and shipping.


PublisherEoin O'Callaghan
Certificate of authenticityNot included

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