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Is a Path an Intervention?

Archival Art Paper Print
76x60.8 cm (w/h)
For sale


About the work

On the subject of ‘nature vs. development’, there seem to be more questions than answers.  Let’s seek help to find possible food for thought:

Trails (Brandon Leake, Jul 2019)


I wonder do trails get lost

I wonder do trails get lost when people abandon them

To start their own path

Or I wonder if it is like giving birth

A beautifully painful experience

Accompanied by long hours

But the yielding result being

More previous than they ever imagined

I wonder do trails remember their birthing

When the world was young

And humanity had yet to ****** their mother

I wonder do they hate how humanity treads on them

Or is it something they’ve grown accustomed to

I wonder do trails ever think back to a time

Before they became paved

I wonder do they ever desire to be undone

To become overgrown again

To be wild again

To be untamed again

I wonder do trails consider

Thats why humanity made them in the first place

So they can feel undone

Feel over grown

Fell wild and untamed once more

Never realizing who they cauterized to do so

I wonder do trails ever hate humanity for its apathy

I wonder do trails get lost in thought

About all they’ve lost