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About the work


PublisherBlue Whitney Gallery

About the artist

Cornelia van Duijn was born in Beverwijk, Netherlands in 1959. She attended the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, where she earned his Bachelor of Fine Art in graphic art, drawing, printmaking, and illustration in 1983.

The animal world is a common theme featured in the work of Coc van Duijn. Birds, fish, primates, and more are depicted on linocuts and ceramics in vibrant colors that bring her scenes to life. After printing her linocuts on paper, she colors them in and paints the frames in the same way so that the work and frame become one.

A bat taking a bath in blood, an orchestra of bugs playing music on a jar of jam, and a mouse running across a computer keyboard; not only are van Duijn’s works created by technical precision but they are saturated with puns and a fun sense of humor.