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About the work

SPIN is a small table made of 8 mm. PMMA. The design was created from a square and around two opposite incisions. At exactly the right temperature, the acrylic can be bent while it does not weaken too much. This allows you to bend the 'legs' and slide them together. By making a small notch, the 'legs' stay connected.

Pick your color: blue, green, black !


PublisherBuro Bruno

About the artist

Buro Bruno is a design firm, started by Bruno van Hooijdonk in 1998. After his studies at ARTEZ in Arnhem the Netherlands, Bruno immediately went off designing independently,  uncompromising and scouring onto the outskirts of art and design.

Bruno transforms  flat surfaces into a spatial design. More important is the transition from one dimension to another and not so much the start or end point. He actually transfigures the flat shape (or parts of it) into motion, until it is what it should be. Due to the dynamics of the process, the movement in the design continues to exist and creates an unambiguous and non-static end product.

Other work of Buro Bruno

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