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About the work

When I went on holiday I sketch a lot and try to paint pleinair. When I come back in my studio I pick up the subject again to relive the atmosphere, the setting and the experience.


PublisherBrigitte De Vuyst
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About the artist

Brigitte is passionate about painting and drawing. She often sketches and paints on location out of doors (‘en plein air’). It is essential for her to feel a connection with the topic that she intends to convey on paper or canvas. Some of the images are later picked up in her studio to relive the atmosphere, the setting and the experience. Therefor every painting embraces a story or a memory.

It is the watercolor technique that continues to fascinate her. The material is both surprising and unpredictable and thus really fascinating. This medium is in harmony with her personality and challenges her to a higher level. However, other mediums do not deter her. In fact in her studio she also often applies acrylic and oil paint for exactly the same reason: to exceed herself and choose the most fitting medium to translate her impression into an image.

In recent years she intends to communicate to the viewer by approaching a topic in such a way as to urge the viewer to reflect.

It is all too easy for an artist to respond to the viewer’s question “What is that?”. On the contrary, she wants the viewer himself to reflect on what there is to see… Her series of abstract works ‘beyond reflection’ result from this search.


Other work of Brigitte De Vuyst

Bunderweg b
Painting, 40x40 cm (w/h)
Good morning, Tuscany
Painting, 17x26 cm (w/h)
Roofshapes of Florence
Painting, 12.5x36 cm (w/h)
Bunderweg I
Painting, 80x80 cm (w/h)
My view on Ghent 1
Painting, 80x99 cm (w/h)
Bunderweg IV
Painting, 80x80 cm (w/h)
On hold
Bunderweg c
Painting, 40x40 cm (w/h)
Tuscan Hills 2
Painting, 36x12 cm (w/h)
Bunderweg III
Painting, 80x80 cm (w/h)
Narrow streets of Tuscany
Painting, 12x36 cm (w/h)