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Do I, as an artist, need a website?

13 May - 2024
by Vincent Moleveld


In today's digital world, where art and technology meet, having your own website is more than just a luxury; it is a necessity for every serious artist. While social media is an important tool for sharing work, a personal website provides a stable and professional space to present your art. But why exactly? And how can Online Gallery help you easily set up such a site? Read on to answer these questions.

Professional Appearance and Independence

A personal website gives you, as an artist, the freedom to present your work the way you want, without the limitations of social media platforms. It enables you to give a complete picture of your art career, from your portfolio to your artistic vision. Moreover, you are not dependent on the changing algorithms of social media, making your work always accessible to your audience.

Online Gallery: Your Partner in Digital Creativity

With Online Gallery, you can easily generate a professional website for just 14.99 euros per month, or with a 20% discount on an annual subscription. Although domain name registration is not included, this gives you the freedom to choose a name that truly fits your brand and style.

Benefits of Online Gallery

  • Easy Management: Upload and manage your artworks effortlessly. Choose one of the three designs to your taste with the user-friendly tools of Online Gallery.
  • Visibility and SEO: Use built-in SEO tools to be found better in search engines, and integrate your social media for a greater online presence. By this, we mean that it is important to place the link to your website in your bio descriptions. This way, you can easily inform your own network with updates and as soon as they are interested, they can click through to your website via the link, where they will then have a clear overview of which works are for sale.
  • Professional Appearance: With the templates from Online Gallery, your website always looks sleek and professional, which builds trust with potential buyers.

What Should Be on Your Website?

  • Portfolio: A well-organized portfolio with high-quality images of your work is crucial. This is the heart of your website and should present your art in its best form.
  • Blogging: By maintaining a blog, you give visitors insight into your creative process and build a relationship. Blogs are also excellent for SEO, as they help you use relevant keywords that draw traffic to your site.
  • Contact Information: Ensure a clear and complete contact page. Include your email address, phone number, and possibly your studio address. Place links to your social media strategically; you want to inform visitors without leading them away from your site.

Conclusion and Call-to-Action

A personal website is indispensable in the career of every artist. It is your digital home base where you have full control over how your work is seen and experienced. Do you want this control and professional appearance? Start your own website via Online Gallery today and benefit from the easy setup and affordable prices.