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Online Gallery: The best platform for art and photography students

You are studying art, design or photography. You are exploring life around you with your pencil, brushes, computer, camera - and your compositions are striking. Showing what you create to a larger public really should be your next step. Showing your work invites a dialogue with art lovers and connects you with buyers.

Online Gallery is a strong, international art platform: high in all major search engines, with a fast growing number of artists displaying their work. Have a browse, see what they do. Discover their thoughts, styles and techniques. And add your own art! You will instantly have a worldwide audience.

It won’t break the bank. Our subscription fees start from € 4.99 per month allowing you to show unlimited works on Online Gallery and offer your work at our live art auction.

50% off for students!

Because we love art and want to support new talent, here’s a rather good offer: get 50% off when you take out a subscription for the duration of your studies!

Simply inform us how long your course is and send us your academic e-mail address. You will receive our code to activate the 50% reduction. Pay monthly or annually - and start building your profile and portfolio straight away on our platform. With the world at your feet!