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Window Rope Factory Oudewater

Oil on canvas
60x80x2 cm (w/h/d)
For sale

About the work

This painting shows a window in the old G. van der Lee Rope Factory in Oudewater in the Netherlands. Bert visited this factory and the engine factory Oudewater on May 1, 2019. This painting is the result of his visit there.
For a long time, G. van der Lee Rope Factory was known for being the oldest family business in the Netherlands and this label is still used with pride. Even though they have been part of Hendrik Veder Group since 2013, they are still one of the oldest businesses in the Netherlands and their company, as well as the people who work here, breathe the age-old experience.
Van der Lee was founded in the 16th century and has been managed by direct descendants of Jan Pietersz van der Lee (1545-1613) ever since. Since it was founded, the factory has been based in the formerly fortified town of Oudewater. From here, the national fleet was supplied with items such as rigging, mooring ropes and nets. Fibre rope was initially made from conventional natural fibres like flax, hemp, manila and sisal. After 1965, many synthetic fibres as well as other new materials such as nylon, polypropylene, polyester and High Modulus polyethylene were added.