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The Cellist

Oil on canvas
80x60x2 cm (w/h/d)
For sale

About the work

This painting is inspired by a visit - more than four years ago - to the Hoogovens in IJmuiden (Tata Steel). There is an interesting museum and there are also interesting places on the premises for industrial heritage enthusiasts.
The painting is an 'artist impression' of the oxy-steel factory at the Hoogovens. Oxy steel is steel that is manufactured according to the oxygen steel process. Liquid pig iron and scrap are placed in a converter (the large container in the center of the painting). Pure oxygen is then blown from above through a water-cooled hollow lance onto the bath, oxidizing a large part of the carbon present in the iron. The process is fast; 200 tons of steel can be produced in 20 minutes.
In the Netherlands, the first oxysteel factory went into production at Koninklijke Hoogovens in 1958. A disadvantage is that this process releases a large amount of carbon monoxide because the carbon is only partially oxidized.
The title of the painting 'The cellist' refers to the lady with the cello who plays unperturbed under the gigantic converter.