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Małgorzata Jabłońska (born in 1966) Małgorzata Jabłońska is a Polish artist best known for her textile, transparent images as well as delicate, embossed sculptures and masks which are made of bark and fabric. Since the beginning of her career, she has been striving to create a new technique that would revolutionise the way we perceive works of art. With her paintings without paint, she has certainly achieved this goal. She invented her own technique: uses layers of delicate fabrics - silk, nylon, chiffon – enclosed between two glass sheets to create unique pieces of art. In 1995, she graduated from the faculty of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She experiments creating unpainted, transparent, but colorful by depicting images. Paintings transparency allows her to change the exposure of the image and place it in free space. Spatial installations, sculptures and masks uses human figures, often the artist herself. Individual sculpture artworks are embossed on life-size castings, by using natural materials such as banana bark and natural textile materials silk, organza. It draws the viewer's attention that we all come from nature, we are an inseparable part of it. In addition, the natural weaves of the prepared bark are a symbol of the permeating human structure, as well as a simple weave in natural fabrics. Presentation of her above-mentioned works were exhibited in the Foundry Gallery in Washington, DC in August 2018 where she received a glorying review in the Washington Post and the critics pick from the Washington Local city paper. Her recent exhibition in 2019 "Imprints of reality" took place in Złota 44, Warsaw, Poland was the intention of restoring beauty and its position in the world. Jabłońska creation in the sense of inner harmony and balance. Her paintings are to engage with the viewer and fill him or her with joy and astonishment "at first sight". SOLO EXHIBITIONS 1. SELF-PORTRAITS, Kuchnia Sculpture Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 1997 2. HIDDEN DIMENSION, Śródmiejska, Warsaw, Poland, 2012 3. REALITIES, Inspiration Space, Warsaw, Poland, 2013 4. SUBTLETIES, RAMA Gallery, Józefów, Poland, 2014 5. SAVED FROM OBLIVION, Otwock, Poland, 2014 6. 25 KLATKA RE-EVOLUTION, Agora, Warsaw, Poland, 2014 7. REALITY?, c.d.n. Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 2015 8. EVOLUTION RE-EVOLUTION, Centre of Art and Culture, Konin, Poland, 2016 9. VERNISSAGE I WRITTAGE, Villa Otwock, Otwock, Poland, 2016 10. SENSITIVE PLACES – Fabric Art Debuts, Association of Polish Artists, Warsaw, Poland, 2017 11. ABOVE THE POOL – 45th Anniversary of the Institute of High Pressure Physics, Polish Academy of Science, Celestynów, Poland, 2017 12. UNUSUAL FLEETING MOMENT - Cepelia, Warsaw, Poland, 2018 13. IMPRINTS OF REALITY - FOUNDRY GALLERY, Washington D.C. , United States, 2018 14. SUBIEKTYWNY ODBIÓR - IMPRINTS OF REALITY - ZŁOTA 44, Warsaw 2019 GROUP EXHIBITIONS 1. GROUP SHOW OF THE VISUAL ARTS DEPARTMENT, BIAŁA GALLERY, Lublin, Poland, 1992 2. WORKSHOP, Pro-Arte-Pax, Elbląg, Poland, 1993 3. MEETINGS 92, Galerie In der Fabrik, Nurtingen, Germany, 1992 4. ATELIER 59, State Gallery of Contemporary Art, Włocławek, Poland, 1993 5. OBJECTS, Aspekty Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 1993 6. PAINTING IN SPACE, Art-Historical Museum, Kaliningrad, Russia, 1993 7. IDEAS BEYOND IDEOLOGY, Warsaw Contemporary Art Centre, Poland, 1993 8. DIPLOMA 95, ASP Museum, Warsaw, Poland, 1995 9. ASP DIPLOMA, BWA, Warsaw, Poland, 1995 10. DIFFERENT VOICES, NEW ART FROM POLAND – Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, Polish Museum of America, Salina Art Center,Bowling Green State University, Kent State University Museum, Consulate of the Republic of Poland, New York, USA, 1998-2000 11. 40th ANNIVERSARY OF THE CENTRAL TEXTILES MUSEUM, Łódź, Poland, 2000 12. OTWOCK ARSENAL, Otwock Museum, Otwock, Poland, 2003 13. WINTER MAZURY, Wilkasy, Poland, 2006 14. LIGHT AND GLASS, Experimental gallery, Ciechocinek, Poland, 2008 15. Night of the Museums, Otwock, Polska, 2011 16. Night of the Museums – ŚWIDERMAJER INSPIRATION, Otwock, Polska , 2013 17. Night of the Museums – ŚWIDERMAJER ON FIRE, Otwock, Poland, 2014 18. DIFFERENT FORMULA OF PAINTING, Academy of Fine Arts, Salon Akademii Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 2014 19. RUBBISH, Cultural Centre in Otwock, Otwock, 2014 20. Night of the Museums – FIRE HOUSE WITH ARTISTS, Otwock, Poland, 2015 21. GREEN KONSTANTY DAY, Warsaw Library, Warsaw, Poland, 2015 22. ART CONNECTS, Bulgarian Institute in Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland, 2015 23. FIBER ART 2016, Association of Polish Artists – Polish Artists Association, Warsaw, Poland, 24. 11TH NATION-WIDE EXHIBITION OF MINIATURE WEAVING ART – associating exhibition of 15 International Fiber Triennale, Museum of Fiber Art, Łódź, Poland, 2016 25. CONTEXTILE 2016 – Bienal de Arte Textil Contemporanea, Palacio Centro Curtural Villa, Portugal 26. ENERGY IS A WOMAN, S8 Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 2017 27. Night of the Museums 2017 – Experimental Weaving and Textiles Attelier, Polish Artists Association, Poland, 2017 28. WARSAW FIBER ART, Cepelia, Wrocław, Poland, 2018 29. GALLERIA MERLINO BOTTEGA D'ARTE- Between norm and fantasy, Florence, Italy, 2018 30. GALLERIA MERLINO BOTTEGA D'ARTE - Open art, Florence, Italy, 2018 31. Textile art 2019, Polish artist association Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 2019 Małgorzata Jabłońska artist statement We see life through a mental as well as a physical lens. Sometimes a short encounter with a stranger can change our life forever. Our consciousness often does not see these changes, but our subconscious stores them all. If you only find the key to this storage, you will find out who influenced your life and how. In my artwork I want to capture that moment of change. That's why the materials I use for my artwork are volatile, delicate, barely visible, openwork. This uneven structure reflects the idea of both elusiveness and self-image. A human being who is at the center of change and can not see it, physically or mentally. My interest in people is not only about art. In everyday work, I touch a human being as a multifaceted being, I work with people at the level of removing blocks interfering with internal development. Commitment to personal and internal development is closely related to my art. Our primitive ancestors used masks to cover their faces or themselves (ritual masks). Then, as we evolved, masks were used to hide our ego, our personality, and often our identity (Venetian masks). My sculptures capture moments when we are at complete peace with ourselves, even when distracted by outside forces. Removing the mask requires a perfect balance of mind and body. Even though every day we feel stress, the process of removing our mask enforces immobility, peace, body balance. In this situation a human being remains alone with their thoughts or non-thoughts, their own ego, their inspirations. To create artworks, I invited a few people who are near to my heart. Myself, my two daughters, and a very few close friends who were willing to participate, who were not afraid to reach deep into their inner being, and were able to create, at least for a moment, an internal balance. Flowers and people are similar in my eyes. They share the same light and space. Both are beautiful, fractal, similar to others and yet each is unique. They are both subject to similar laws. A smart, flexible human will not break in a mental storm. A flower blows at the direction of the wind, then rises towards the sun. Both are elusive in their nature, both guided by an invisible energy. The transparency of my artworks means they are not definitive. They will create different realities suspended on different backgrounds, like the moment of change in a person's life. They are - but they are not final. They can always be changed.
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Malgorzata Jablonska

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