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Interview Cristina Balan

21 oktober - 2021
door Vincent Moleveld


Cristina Balan is a 21st Century artist in the same vein as the Avant-grade of the early 20th century. There is a burst of energy that hasn’t been seen in art history since 1905-1920, when art went through a complete breakdown of visual norms. Looking at art from a historic perspective, Cristina’s works as standing by themselves, and when one understands the contemporary world, her works offer a soothing present and future calm and purity.

Tell me about your background and where your creative journey began. Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I studied fine arts from the age of five to fifteen, then took a super long hiatus from painting. I managed to build a successful career in business, politics and diplomacy, but my heart has been always longing for art. Two years ago I decided to take a leap and concentrate all my energy on painting. I wanted to see what’s going to happen, whether I would be able to succeed as I did in other areas, I wanted to give it a chance so that I won’t regret afterwards that I didn’t follow my dream.

I started creating abstract art, despite my academic art background. My first paintings were some kind of vortexes, and I was depicting them without having a clue what they represent and why am I doing them. Then I have been playing with lines, colors, textures, shimmery vs. matte surfaces and all kinds of optical effects possible in acrylic painting. I now I am very fond of circles. At this point I am fully aware of what I am creating, and what my message is, unlike in the very beginning.

Regarding inspiration, most of my paintings come as visions first, which I try to depict in the most tasteful possible way. Some people say that I have a good imagination, others say that I am connected to Cosmos. You see, imagining, or imaging, means being in a receiving mode. We receive blocks of thought from that larger part of us. One may call it God, Universe, or the One Field of consciousness, there are so many terms for it. These thoughts that we are receiving form above, are being translated into images, colors, codes though which we comprehend the information. So basically having a rich imagination and being “connected” is the same thing. I call it “Divinely Inspired”, how about that?\

Z e n - acrylic on canvas - €1.700,-
Z e n - acrylic on canvas - €1.700 -


And what is the message?

We are living fascinating times. We have moved into the New Age, the Age of Aquarius. The old paradigms are no longer working, the old systems are crumbling. Look at how much our lives have changed during the last years. I mainly speak through my art about the role of harmony, peace, unconditional love, and other laws of the Universe in the context of our modern life anxieties.

My series of works titled Vortexes depict the spiral, which is one of the oldest symbols reflecting the universal pattern of growth and evolution. The spiral represents the life force energy. It’s the sacred symbol that reminds us of our evolving journey in life. On a larger scale, this symbol assures all beings of their inward and outward evolution.

My lined paintings are very simple yet they bare very profound messages. In “Dance with Me” for example, I use silver and golden lines to depict harmony. We are able to perform a beautiful dance only if we listen to the same music, or vibrate at the same frequency. The more people aligned to higher frequencies, the more harmony in our society will be achieved.

I recently started working on a series of works titled Circles, it came right after I survived a harsh form of covid. The Circle of Life represents the evolution as a process of transformation from death to birth, it makes us meditate on the ending, the beginning, as the circle has no beginning and no end. In this sense, the circle is an ancient code representing eternity, which subconsciously makes us detach from small insignificant problems consuming us on a daily basis. I use very bright colors in this series, reflecting the great joy and appreciation for life.

Tokyo - acrylic on canvas - €300 -
Tokyo - acrylic on canvas - €300 -


How has your work shifted and evolved over time?

I studied like crazy, took so many courses on abstract art as I had to overcome my stiff academic background and lack of practice. It’s much more challenging to purposefully neglect the rules that you know, rather than breaking rules that you have no idea about.

I experimented with materials, shapes, textures, colors to develop my unique way of doing things. I definitely feel myself far more confident in what I am doing. I am still searching and it’s a fun journey. I am not in a hurry sticking to a certain style, I want to play as much as possible. I believe this journey expands me as an artist.


What does a typical day in the studio look like for you, and how has your art practice grown or changed?

Every day is special, I have no routine in my work. I try to paint as much as I can, even though my studies take a lot of time. In the first year I was just painting and learning by trial and error method, this year I have slowed down a little. I work more on sketches, try all possible materials, techniques, color pallets until I get the best possible result. I prefer to produce less paintings but of higher quality.


Which experiences have impacted your work as an artist?

First and most of all it’s my spiritual journey. As a non-religious person in the past, I started discovering spirituality from metaphysical perspectives, which is so fascinating. Also, this year I overcame a harsh pneumonia generated by covid, which made my art far more simple and joyous.

Connection - acrylic on canvas - €2.000 -
Connection - acrylic on canvas - €2.000 -


What are your future goals and aspirations?

I don't plan, I go by the flow. I only can feel where I will be in future as an artist. I envision many collaborations and co-creations with unique, extraordinary, special musicians, writers, and other like-minded, or better to say like-hearted people. I hope to be able to create works that would facilitate the expansion of consciousness in these amazing transformational times, and help people remember who they really are.


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