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Top 5 Museums Offering Student Discounts for a Rich Experience

21 maart - 2024
door Vincent Moleveld


Most students will admit that they do not visit the museums without an apparent reason, while others will complain that the entry price is too expensive for people on a tight budget. Keeping this fact in mind, many museums happily offer generous student students that make visiting the world's best museums even more appealing and inspiring. So if you want to receive an amazing experience and see some of the most memorable art objects and more, check the list below! 

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA

The student ticket is only $12, which is good if you consider the regular 25 dollars for the entry price. Now, if you study and live in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, things get even better as you pay as much as you can. You only need a student pass to prove your identity. Now, with the saved funds, you can consider researchingcustom essays ukas one of the possible options to boost your academic life or use the funds for even more museum visits! 

2. American Museum of Natural History, NYC, USA. 

Wake up your inner child and spend the best 18 dollars for the entry price. The regular price is $23, yet it is worth every penny, even without discounts! There are also free public tours and a “pay as much as you wish” system, which allows you to pay even less if you are a current university or a college student. Now, it is one of the best interactive museums to consider. 

3. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

It’s one of the most amazing museums that you should visit as a student if you have a chance to do so. It represents a collection of contemporary art and design masterpieces. While the tickets go for 17.50 EUR for adults, consider applying for a student card, which reduces your price to only 9 euros. If you study in the Netherlands, you should also consider the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum, which are located next to the Stedelijk!

4. The British Museum, London, UK  

This is where you can get a £20 discount off the regular entry price if you are a student. If you are under 26 years of age, you can get the same discount as well. The entry for the permanent collection is possible free of charge. Speaking of English generosity and passion for art, it speaks volumes! 

5. Pergamon Museum, Berlin, Germany 

 This museum offers numerous discounts both for local and international students. While the prices change, the only thing that remains constant is that students receive a generous 50% off the admission price (16 EUR). 

Your School May Already Be In Partnership With Museums 

 Looking for student discounts and museum visits, you should start by talking to your school’s academic advisor and ask about special partnerships or eligibility for discounts. Even if your institution or course is not directly related to arts, the chances are high that you can use special pass cards to help you receive discounts. For example, if you plan to visit New York museums, there are special options like the New York Explorer Pass or a Guggenheim Society membership that allows you to visit all the museums for free if your college is on the list or if you are a member of the society. It’s just an example of what is possible, so always ask your college representative first before planning your upcoming museum visits!