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Gemaakt in het kader van 75 jaar Vrijheid.


UitgeverijAfke van Halen

Over de kunstenaar

Afke van Halen is a sculptor in wood-clay-bronze for 25 years, living in Zwolle. She is born in 1958 in Enschede.

Heads and characters, that's what most of her sculptural work consists of. Mostly she works with wood or clay, but she also uses other materials like aluminium cement or latex. Sometimes she has work cast in bronze. Van Halen makes free work and work on commission. She makes portraits and masks after model (full size or smaller) as well as memorial sculptures to a particular moment or person. Based on your wishes, she makes a sculpture from wood from your own garden or old house (‘home grown’): for example, as a tangible memento of a loved one, a gift for your child who is moving out, or a memory of your old home or a nice trip. See it as a talisman that you give yourself or someone else. Of her wooden sculptures there is always just one copy, of the sculptures of all the other materials she can make multiple versions if Ishe has made a mold of them.

Work offer
- free work and commissioned work,
- workshop Portrait in clay,
- workshop Wood sculpture,
- open atelier,
- coaching in the artistic process.

Commission municipality of Zwolle
Article 1 of the constitution, sculpture group (wood); unveiling November 13, 2019; placement in the hall of the city office in Zwolle.

Recent exhibitions 
Participated in the competition 100 years Jan Mankes, Expo Stien Eelsingh in Staphorst ; Kerkje van Velp-Grave; Sculpture garden in Witharen; Kunstroutes in Heino, Ommen and Zwolle; CSI Jumping De Driehoek Ommen; Kerkje van Persingen; Open atelierroute Lierderholthuis; Hardenberg Beeldenstad; former synagogue Dalfsen; International Hanzedagen Kampen.

Sculpture training and courses
Workshop Bronze casting, Winneth Sala, Arnhem, 2021.
Figura/Sanne van Tongeren, Amsterdam; realistic work in clay, after model; 2016, 2018-2019.
Beeldhouwschool Zwolle; spatial work and exploration of materials; 2016-2018.
Erica Kraan, Tuitjenhorn; portrait in clay; 2018-2019.
Florence Academy of Art, Summer school, Florence, teachers: Robert Bodem, Hywel Pratley, Sanne van Tongeren, Eran Webber; realistic work in clay, after model; 2015.
Annemiek Collin, Winssen; realistic work in clay, after model; 2012-2014.
Geesje Liedmeier, Velp; profile in ash wood; 2010.
Jaro Müller, Utrecht; work in wood; 2000-2001.
Artibus, basic course, Utrecht; spatial and flat work; 1999-2000.
Creapoelka open work studio, Demen; work in wood; 2000-2019.

Training as a coach
- Solutions Centre, Utrecht; training in Solution-focused Conversation; 2006.
- Nederlandse Stichting Gestalt (NSG), Amsterdam, Gestalt methodology; 2002-2004.
- Institute for the Application of Social Science (IAS), Haarlem, for senior trainers, coaches, counsellors in working with concepts and methods from Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, System Approach and Group Relations; 1999-2001.
- University of Amsterdam (UvA), Communication Studies; PhD 1989.
- University of Utrecht (RUU), Slavic language and literature; candidacy 1986.

Other activities past 25 years
Consultant client participation in health care (as self-employed).

In Lierderholthuis, to be visited by appointment.

Ander werk van Afke van Halen

Ingetogen (Modest)
Sculptuur, 14x34x12 cm (w/h/d)
Sculptuur, 23x83x15 cm (w/h/d)
Sculptuur, 15x32x23 cm (w/h/d)
Verborgen (Hidden)
Sculptuur, 30x30x30 cm (w/h/d)