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Hanoi (Vietnam) marching soldiers at the background and a child with his mother in front. Vietnam was hit extremely hard by the Vietnam war.


UitgeverijPaul Stouten
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Over de kunstenaar

Paul Stouten (1952, Eindhoven) lives in Breda, Netherlands and frequently stays at San Siro along Lake Como   in Italy. Besides Eindhoven and Breda, he lived in Amsterdam and Den Bosch. He is trained as urbanist (TU Eindhoven), cineaste (University of Utrecht) and painter. He did work at the faculty of Architecture Delft University and the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 1977 he has published books and in (inter-) national journals about urban regeneration and development; totally more than 100 titles. He has lectured at several universities, visting professor, external examiner and invited as consultant for municipalities. His PHD thesis is titled Sustainable Renewal (2004).

He has participated as an urbanist many years in urban regeneration projects with participation of inhabitants. He was (co) founder of a film collective, architecture office and an art association (creative enterprise). He has directed films e.g. on housing and urban regeneration. 
Many years, he was trained and finished paintings and photographs. Form 2018 he reserved more time for art activities e.g. painting.

His main drive is about transitions of the living environment and looking for a balance between current situations, the past and the future. Today is a continuation of yesterday and the future is anchored in the past. This matters in the imagination and perception of the living environment and space. In his work he approaches questions about divisions and exploring distinctions and contrasts between reality and fictions.

In 2019 he had an exposition of his paintings in Italy.

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Lake Como
Schilderij, 100x70x1.8 cm (w/h/d)
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Schilderij, 80x60x1.8 cm (w/h/d)